Black Sails Review: Another Mrs. Barlow


Black Sails keeps rocking our Saturday evenings. “IV” was an other great episode in this seasons freshman run. Action, development, secrets and deception were all in the air while the voyage towards Lima was about to start.

Looking at the pace the show is currently heading it seems like we won’t start our journey till season 2 or final moments of season 1.

Mrs. Barlow (Louise Barnes) is becoming a more prominent character as the story progresses and things around her character are becoming messier with every note the writers are making. We got some backstory as one of Capt. Flint’s crew members told Billy the story behind Flint and Miranda Barlow. According to him Flint was taking a mission with his crew promissing a great fortune, just like this time around, just to kill a man and win a women over it. The women is Mrs Barlow of course. Alliances shifted as Billy wasn’t the only one who heard the story, our spy-cook master John Silver earsdropped and told Flint what is going around. Billy meanwhile got Gates jos as he was promoted the Captain of Charles Vanes stolen boat. Billy is really kind hearted and it’s hard for him to be dominate over his fellow crew members. This put a lot of pressure on Billy and as he wasn’t focused enough the repair on the boat suffered and they lost their main cook.

But Miranda Barlow wasn’t really Miranda Barlow, as Richard Guthrie revealed to us she is Hamilton, ex wife of Lord Thomas Hamilton a whealthy man. She run off with a promissing young officer lover ( now grown up Capt. Flint). Richard offered Miranda to escape her current exile of course he needs a counter favor cause his situation is much more awful than hers. Eventually Miranda called the Priest to talk to Richard to make a confession.

Richard as prisoner of his own daughter, Eleanor had to play along and pretend in front of a gun seller that he belives in Eleanor’s and Flint’s quest. Durong this process Richard found an ally in Mr. Scott who is more and more convinced that Eleanor is rushing into their demise. As revealed in the final moments Scott is part of Team Richard what resulted with the gun delivery failing.

The end of the episode featured a halucinating Charles Vane found his inner strength to comeback from last weeks defeat and work his way back to the top of the pyramid. His subconscious told him what move he had to make so he went into dragon’s dent and killed some low lives and regained all that power he lost.

ICYMI Max is now the torture whore of Vane’s remaining crew. Jessica K. Parker is having a tough time here.

ICYMI2 Flint and Miranda slept together in a pretty anticlimactic way, completely disappointed hopped it would be more intense.

So thing seem to be on the boarder to blow out as we pass the first half of the 8 episode first season of Black Sails. Next week will future the fight for the guns, Richard and Miranda conspiring and Capt. Vane raising from the disgrace. Can’t wait!!!!


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