Dream Cast: CW Pilots 2 & Interesting NBC pilots

The CW
This year the CW kept it pretty quite and after ordering 5 Pilots, announced just 1 more pilot order The Messengers. I assume this is connected to the early renewal of 5 CW shows they are reducing costs by only pilots they real belive in and work on already popular shows.

The Messengers

– Is a sci-fi show revolving around a group of people who died after a mysterious object falls on the earth and emitted a powerful blast. The group dies only to resurrect as Angles who are destined to safe the world from the upcoming apocalypse. Here are some suggestion for Angels to be and the one who brings the apocalypse.

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Only 3 pilots out of the bunch that NBC ordered caught my attention. Gotham, Emerald city & State of Affair. Gotham conducted the most of it’s casting and was ordered straight to series so no speculation there. 

Emerald City

-This show is announced as a darker version of the original stroy about Ozz & Dorothy. Besides that it was ordered straight to series with a 10 episode limitation. Here are my predictions for the 4 main roles Dorothy, Tin man, Scarecrow  & Lion.

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State of Affairs

The Katherine Heigl Drama seems to be an interesting story and prime contendor a spot on NBC upcoming fall schedule. It revolves around a busy CIA Attache, played by Heigl, who is the Presidents private advisor and has big issues in balancing her messy private life and job. I will give the suggestion for the role of the President,1st Lady, BFF & Love interest.

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These Pilots are the ones who captured my attention. Fox didn’t hit any of my curiosity buttons, so no guesses there. 


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