Pretty Little Liars Review: A Filler unworth watching


“Shadow Play” featured a lot of things but development wasn’t on it’s list for sure. I usually love when a show is pushinv things to a different level and try new things but this episode was a serious waste of time.

SPENCER: This week it was all about her processing the new information she got. Now I don’t know if this stuff happened for real or just was something Spencer dreamed. The episode started with Spencer convincing Hanna and Emily that Ezra is “A” and breaking into his office where they found Ally’s diaries( remember “A” took it in this years 2nd episode. Besides that they saw Monna twirling around Ezra’s class room. These events furthered Spencer’s imagination and her pill popping throw her into a black and white world.

After popping a pill or two Spencer falls asleep and woke up in the shadow world where all of our friends reappear with different missions. Toby was there as Spencer’s conscience telling, confronting her about keeping quite and her pill popping. Mona and Ezra teamed up in the shadow world as the antagonists. Allison appeared as well. Spencer tried to confront her but Ally in her old fashion was mysterious as always pushing shadow Spencer to a breaking point. But Toby reappeared and wanted answeres from her.

Meanwhile Spencer put Hanna on a mission to find out about a number connected to Fitzgerald. Over the curse of the episode Hanna had some great one liners and I enjoyed her shadow adtittude over all.

Emily and Paige had their beautiful black and white moments where the engaged in all their passion. Paige returned after a pretty long absence and I really enjoyed her. Her and Emily’s vintage lines just worked in all their glory.

The shadow world concluded in a heart to heart between Spencer and Aria. Aria confessed the truth about her and Ezra to her suspicious friend. Spencer was about to pull the trigger and tell Aria the truth when Hanna interuppted them with Allison’s location. The girls went to an entertainment bar and were face to face with their previous besty. Spencer and Allison were face to face ones again with the girls accusing each other of horrible things but got cornered by Ezra. With Toby’s help the girls escaped and eventually Toby and the girls pushed Spencwr towards realizing the truth.

A light bursted infront of Spencer and we are back in our real world. Spencer finds the thing she was aware of the whole time but didn’t realized. The pages were tempered to make the go for the wrong leads. They decieded it’s time to tell Aria the truth and saw her liplocking with Ezra. The End.

So we spent 1 hour hunting down 1 clue that would push the girls to tell Aria the truth. Besides Hanna’s one liners and Emily and Paige reconnecting this was a pretty awful episode. Hmmm not good. Next week Aria finally finds out the truth and it seems to be heartbreaking.


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