Intelligence Review: This is what happens when you screw with Mother Nature


I was pretty stunned when I read Monday’s ratings report and saw Intelligence aired a new episode. I was completely sure Intelligence was on Winter Olympics break like most of the shows but they surprised us with an excellent episode aka “Patient Zero”.

This episode revolves aroun a deathly virus outbreak in Texas. After Gabriel uses his special powers to find Patient Zero, we realize Patient Zero is the prisoner executed in the first scene of the episode. Our fantadtic duo was sent right into the fire to investigate things just to find out the Execution machine was rigged. While at the execution fascility Gabriel follows a trace finding the guardian who let the prisoner out. They trace his call to the Pentagon making things pretty interesting.

Lillian has her suspicions right away and finds who in the military started this bio-weapon hunt. So she steted looking for eviedence against Capt. Carter.

Gabriel and Riley found where Luther(Ronnie Gene Blevins), Patient Zero, should be and engage in a really interesting gun down. Where they get their as* kicked. As the episode progresses we get some interesting bounding between Riley and Gabriel as she is pretty much mothering him in her attempt to protect him. Eventually they find Luther who infects Riley and get caught by General Carters man.

Carter isn’t messing around at all and sets their coutage on fire. But our duo works great together and get to Luther before Carter’s agent can take execute him. Eventually Lillian takes Carter into custody and gets recognition by her superior DNI Adam Weatherly.

It was an action filled episode, with a really sweet end for a mother and son who lost their Husband/Father to the Virus. But the ratings really doesn’t work for the show and this is the only bad timeslot for CBS. A renewal is far far away.


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