Cougar Town Review: That was Karma


“Learning to Fly” kept up very well to the other season5 Cougar Town episodes and proved that Glfhaven is a town worth visiting.

The spisode starts with the Cul-de-sac preparing for the annual Garage fest, some of our protagonists (read Andy) are more excited than other but I’ll comeback on that later. Jules meanwhile enjoys into trickibg people buy of her semifunctional stuff for cheap money. Laurie was stunned how easy it was for Jules to lie, screaming most of the time that Karna will come around to bite Jules in the a*s. Jules reckless adtittude was really enjoyable and it is tough to be happy and cheerful when birds are craping all over your body. But Jules didn’t intend to stop but than in a curse of tragic events Big Tipsy dies. In case you difn’t know Big Tipsy was Jules latest vine glass. And after Laurie pointed out that “That was Karma” Jules was sure she had to get into Karma’s good grace again. Jules attempt of redemption was pretty funny and included opening bottles for people on the street, tieing other peoples shoes and even being truthful to her customers. Eventually she cleared her mind and finished the episode by supporting Bobby and Travis.

Andy was meanwhile enjoying the garage sale to much. I never saw a TV mayor who enjoyed buying trash as much as Andy did. Ellie on the other hand was rude, snobish and sarcastic towards all her customers. Of course Andy and Ellie couldn’t handle each other so they made a bet. If Ellie succeeds in not being sarcastic a whole day Andy will throw away all of his garage sale stuff from the last year, if not Ellie will have to waer a Sumo wrestler custom. Ellie was dying while trying to forfill her end of the bet, especially during Big Tipsy’s funeral. Eventually Ellie gave in and masked herself and walked around Gulfhaven and was sarcastic towards people.Andy of course caught her and forced the wrestler costume on her. Ellie looked hilarious but she pulled it of like no other.

Travis wanted to help Bobby get rid of stuff from his over crowded boat. Bobby didn’t want to throw anything. Eventually Travis found the ashes of Bobby’s father and found out Bobby promissed his dad to throw off his ashes from a rollercoaster but Bobby is to affraid from ridding one that he never forfilled his dad’s last wishes. Travis than tried to help his dad by letting him watch himself in a greenwall rollercoaster simulation. Bobby eventually freaked out and ran off with a chair bound to his body. Eventually Travis decieded to do the ride for his father even though he was affraid as well. Here we got one of the rare bounding moments between Father and Son, realizing that Bobby was the one who thought Travis that rollercoasters are scary things. Eventually the whole crew got on the rollercoaster with Bobby sitting in front row spraying his fathers ashes over his friends.

MIA Grayson’s daughter. I knew the mother is playing a role in TBS’s Groundfloor but I think the daughtee would bring some funny moments to the show and gave Grayson a solid storyline again.

Once more I’m impressed by this new episodes of Cougar Town, they really bounced back well from a slow season 3 and 4. Looking forward for the rest od season 5 and hoping for season 6 renewal. #fingerscrossed


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