The Following Review: It seems We’ve missed you Mommy


“Familly Affairs” was the strongest The Following outing this season, maybe even overall and I’m just hanging in for more.

First of I must say I was right about Gillian/Gisele, as I said in last weeks review she has a lot of potential. Second of this episode was all about Family.

Lily Gray proved to be a really great mastermind. She has great leader potential and seems like she has a fetish for twins or so. Cause besides Luc and Marc she has french afro-american brother and a beautiful Russian girl in her custody. Lily wanted to turn Emma on her side so she digged into her backstory and played the mother card to gain her confidence. Lily is really intruinging I’m still nnot sure what her agenda is, if she wants to meet Joe or take over his Cult. Eventually Joe called via a message they left in the newspaper and an over emotional Emma said it’s safe creating space for the 2 fractures to meet and connect.

As I mention earlier Gillian is a bundle of potential cause after brutally killing David, a loose end in Lily’s story she almost ran Ryan over.

Joe meanwhile seeked out help from an other follower Joanna, played by Leslie Bibb. He and Mandy came and took some money and other resurces before heading to meet the others. Mandy meanwhile got some sort of jealous wanting even to kill Joanna after she fullfilled her mission. The reveal of the evening Joanna has some connection to Agent Gina Mendez.

Meanwhile Ryan was in trouble. He was following the lead on David and encountered Gillian, who almost ran him over. After this agent Gina had definitly enough of Ryan’s games so she put him into custody and interoggated him with the help of Mike. Ryan isn’t letting anyone in. He sees Joe as his responsibillity and doesn’t want anyone to get involved, hurt, kicked to the ground. Max (Jessica Stroup) is the only one he remotely trusts, so the 2 of them start a hunt for Gillian. Gillian is a fisty fighter and slams both Ryan and Max really well. Ryan almost got her but she put on the girly girl scream and got rescued by people on the train station. But Max was smart enough to get on the same train as Gillian, ending the episode on a tiny cliffhanger.

ICYMI Max and Mike had a moment together as he came to her asking for help. He needs her to convince Ryan to stop dig deeper into his opsetion. I would really love for the 2 of them to Hook up. Mike needs it for sure.

ICYMI2 There seems to be some sexual tension between Luc and Lily. GROOOOOOOSS!!!!!! Don’t go there writers please!

Things are really cooking up in this season of The Following. Honestly this is so much better than last year. The story is more coherant, the character interactions are more vivid. Can’t wait for next week cause I really want Max to survive.


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