Teen Wolf Review: Why are you whispering?


STUNNED! That is how I’m feeling after last nights episode of Teen Wolf. “Riddled” was the most intense Teen Wolf episode to date. It just worked from scene 1 to the last scene.

I really don’t know where to start from cause so many events so many developments but the protagonist is a good starting point . After getting a call from a desperate Stilles Scott starts a rescue mission involving most of the main cast. Who wouldn’t do this? It’ Stilles for crying out loud. I mean Stilles phone call was horrifying, Kudos to Dylan o’Brien once more. But later we will dig more into Stilles and the performance Dylan gave. Eventually Scott’s dad found Stilles realizing that Stilles was still asleep while he called Scott. Finally Mr. McCall does something right, but once again we didn’t get father-son bounding. Scott and Stilles are like brothers and Scott’s concern was right on. About one development I was surprised Scott walking away from Kira, we had a good thing going on here. Scott even “threatened” to turn Stilles if he really suffers from Fronto-Temporal dementia. AWWWW ! Sweet! 

Scoot recruited the whole town to help him and everyone appeared with exception of Allison whos phone got turned of with a really fast japanease voice mail. Isaac and Allison went to Kira’s dad who translated the message. It was a message about a comandant that was directing soldiers into a facility in Oak Creak, California. According to Mr. Yukimura it’s fake cause there was no station in Oak Creak. Think this Oak Creak hides some new history lessons.

Derek came back in a real dark fashion aka just the usual. Besides helping Scott letting in his inner Alpha, he was the first one besides Scott to have a meaningful talk with Kira and I must say it worked pretty well. After Aiden mentioned to Derek that Stilles could be the Nogitsune, Derek decieded to dig in deeper. Later on he got to the conclusion that Kira’s firefox weakened Stilles enough for the Nogitsune to posses him.

Lydia had issues on her own as her powers started to play out of control. She first of sensed that someone was in trouble and really tried to dig into her powers so she could help other in need. After being wrong about Stilles location her powers went into overdrive starting to make her crazy. Eventually she released a banshee cry like never before foreshadowing the blackout caused by Stilles/Nogitsune.

Yes Stilles IS THE NOGITSUNE there is no arguing there. Even Kira’s mom confronted him with 2 Oni’s saying she won’t stop until she stops/kills him. But back to the start. Stilles thought he got kidnapped and panicly called Scott. Except being kidnapped he got his foot hurt into a wolf trap. In his sleepwalk stadium he started a conversation with a man with bandages all over his head. The weird man was really scary and wouldn’t back down from Stilles answering his Riddle. But they got interrupted by the McCall’s who saved Stilles from his stadium. Later in the hospital Stilles was undergoing an MRI to see if he is suffering Fronto-temporal dementia just like his mother. While undergoing the procedure Stilles fall asleep againa and met the mysterious guy as well just to realize it’s his shadow aka the Nogitsune. I am really impressed by Dylan’s great performance, he surprises me every week. But the Sheriff was on the top of his game aswell. Thumbs ups for the Stillinski family.

ICYMI Derek revealed he brought Cora back to South America, but came back to make transform Scott into Beacon Hills protector.

MIA Peter was nowhere to find. What a shame!!!

So many things happened this week and I just can’t wait to see if Stilles will prevail. But who or what is Mrs Yukimara’s secret weapon!? Kira? Scott? Or maybe Malia?


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