Hart of Dixie Review: Birthdays, bad decisions and one hell of a Mama


“Act Naturally” proved why Hart of Dixie is my favorite dramedy. The show has it all, laughs, character development and heartbreak.

On tonights episode our favorite New Yorker turned Bluebell It girl was celebrating her B-day. I mean she really didn’t want to to but her adorable boyfriend pushed her towards it. Eventually Zoe got on the birthday train but hopped of very fast when her mother, Candice Hart (JoBeth WilliamS) come back to town. Zoe was affraid that her mother wouldn’t accept Zoe connecting to the Wilks so she forced Joel on a dinner with her mom while she was on the party that Joel and heartbroken Lavon through for her. At the party everything possible went wrong as Earl appeared and wanting to meet Wade’s new girlfriend. Earl put Wade and Zoe in an awkward position as he said that they were perfect together. I belive a lot of Zade fans will celebrate Earl from today on. After that she had to play it nice with a Lavon who was crashed after AnnaBeth’s speech. But Zoe surprised me with how insightful she is as she said that Lavon did the right thing by not proposing if he wasn’t 110% sure of his future with AnnaBeth. Zoe finally told her mother the truth but that wasn’t enough for Ms. Hart who decieded to.move to Bluebell to be close to her daughter and not lose her to the Wilks. This should be interesting.

George and Tansy had a tough time on their own with Scooter returning to their lives. As the episode began it seemed like these to were on a great path but eventually it turned out to be the episode were Tansy was getting written out of Bluebell. After Scotter proved that her changed to be a better man for Tansy she decieded to give him an other chance and go out on a date with him. Geroge git crazy jealous and made his new right hand Tom find proof of Scooter being an as*hole. I love how we got this interaction with Tom, Meat ball etc, this gives me Gilmore Girl vibes. After Tom gave him unconfirmed information he ruined Tansy’s and Scooter’s date by making a complete foul out of him. At the end George got heartbroken again. He really can’t catch a break. I hope the writer will give him a proper storyline not involving women, and hopefully he will keep his head out Zoe and Joel’s relationship.

And the star of the show once again AnnaBeth. Besides being a really funny character in all of her awkwardness she is the girl with the biggest heart on the show. She is such a gentle being that I really felt for her over the whole episode. The whole town was looking down on her cause of the whole break up drama or better said not existing drama that she couldn’t handle the preassure anymore and eventually leash out on Lavon at the birthday party. But at the end AnnaBeth got a win for herself as she become a Bell again and was promoted to their president ASAP. But she wouldn’t betray her friend Cricket so easily so she asked for her to be her Co-president or she wouldn’t take the position. At the end AnnaBeth got some glory back, hope she gets some fine man for herself.

That’s the wrap on the latest instalment of Hart of Dixie. The show returns on Friday March 21 with Lemon Breeland coming back as well, besides that Barry Watson was announced to appear in episodes in April. Whom will he charm can’t wait to see! Meanwhile next week we get a new show Star-Crossed, tune in to find out what I think about the Pilot.


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