Black Sails Review: You’re dripping blood across my floor


Chapter “III” of Black Sails freshman run was an other great episode pushing the story in different expected and unexpected direction. People would think the show can’t prevail without sex and naked bodies, but this week it was on a bare minimum and still working really well.

Last night Capt. Flint was pushed into the spot light again and we gotsome solid insight into his hardly flawed character. First of we encounter Flint waking up and interacting with a women named Miranda, persumably his wife or misstress, he slept over and let her is attend his wounds. She is a person of confident and besides sharing his goals he seeks for guiadance. He trusts her so much that he even leaves Richard, Eleanor’s dad, in her care. Flint returned to his crew and started dealing with John, who burned down the schedule last week so his head wouldn’t face a chopping block. After letting John join his crew Flint had some major decisions to make. He needed a 2nd ship but wasn’t happy with his possible choices. The 2nd ship storyline was a nice way to let us keep Charles Vane and his crew on the show. The negotiations between Flint and Gates and Charles and Jack were so intense they honestly made me laugh. Gates was burning on a stick as he was the one who proposed this arrangement to his Captain. Overall Flint’s pride and sense of justice was keeping the alliances from happening. He profoundly disliked Charles, as he saw just a simple killer by just looking at him. Charles played a cool game here, with his silent treatment he kept Flint’s anger rising and was able to benefit from the deal he made with Eleanor and Flint. At the end he diged his own grave but later on that.

John is a really entertaining character and you nver know what will be his next move. After he weaseled his way onto Flint’s ship he started to work towards a new goal remove Flint from his position, at least it seemed that way. I was shocked how easily he formed some alliances only to put me in happy place after discovering he was working on his own to discover crew members who are still pissed at Capt. Flint.

Eleanor was working past her personal issues by dealing with all the stuff Flint asked her to do. Eleanor is on her path to prove herself but she is a bit to ambitious and things could easily slip out of her hands. At the end of this episode she prevailed in a really shocking way. In her desperation she even turned towards her father but the results weren’t what she expected. But Eleanor got confident in her decisions and in a changed state of mind decieded to rekindle her relationship with Charles, not knowing he abducted Max. After the coitus she heard Max screaming and rescues her from Charles crew who was gang raping her. In a burst of anger Eleanor used her power and took Charle’s ship and most of his crew but lost Max to him on the road.

Billy is a character who makes this show worth watching. I mean not cause he is stunnigly handsome but he is such a honest and reliable person in a dark dark world.

Jack is an intruiging character. As Charles Vane’s confident I don’t think he will prevail much longer but his agenda is everything but clear and honest. The way he turned things around for him and his captain was quite impressive. Still I believe that his part as the voice of reason will coast him his life. Eventually he sticked by his Capt even though things are looking bad for Charles.

ICYMI A pastor stopped by Miranda’s and started asking inapropriate questions.

This episode was action packed and I was honestly surprised by the fat pacing and secret revelation. Other shows would wait to reveal this much stuff, but this is one of the perks of having a 8 episode season. I really look forward to next week



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