Dream Cast: ABC Pilots 2014


Most of the shows I watch air on ABC & CW, of course I love my CBS comedies and some cable shows I watch but the main focus is on ABC & CW. And when I give new shows a chance they air probably on ABC or CW. This year ABS’s pilot order is pretty sad at least what can you understand from their primarily outed information. I’m interested in not even a handful of dramas including Forever, How to get Away & Untitled Richard Richard LaGravenese Project.


Dr. Henry Morgan is New York City’s star medical examiner, but what no one knows is Henry studies the dead for a reason: He is immortal. With the help of detective Jo Martinez, the show peels back the layers of Henry’s colorful and long life through their cases.


Dr. Henry Morgan in my imagination should be played by Milo Ventimiglia. If he doesn’t look immortal I don’t know how does. He didn’t change in full 10 years since he appeared on Gilmore girls.


Jo Martinez isn’t specified as a male or female character so I’ll give guesses for both genders. Benjamin Bratt if it’s a male detective. I just love this guy he can play anything he wants he has so many faces in his actor bag. Marisol Nichols is the perfect combination of kick as*, beauty and emotion.

How to get Away

A sexy, suspense-driven legal thriller about a group of ambitious law students and their brilliant, mysterious criminal defense professor who become entangled in a murder plot that will rock the entire university and change the course of their lives. / This show is produced by Shonda Rhimes almost a save pick up, especially when it’s about sexy lawyers and this could be ABC’s Thursday’s 8pm. resolution. Aja Naomi King(Emily Owens MD.) & Matt Gorry(OITNB) were already cast I’ll have 2 lawyer suggestions more and a mysterious professor prediction. 


Mysterious Prof.  Is there anybody better to play this role than Hugh Laurie?  I doubt it. Imagine what Shonda could do with him. *.*


For the roles of 2 additional students I could see these 2. Clark Duke is a really good comedic actor at least his major roles involved comedic stuff and this show for sure needs comedic output. Amelia Rose Blaire is an interesting actress played some really interesting roles (most recently in True Blood), I think she would be a good addition to this show.

Untitled Richard LaGravenese Project

Set in New York City, it revolves around the love and rivalry between two equally matched, powerful socialites who play out their obsessive attraction and seduction of each other through their manipulation of others. /This isn’t the newest or most extraordinary concept but honestly it seems somehow interetsing and who doesn’t love a good biatch fight all over New York.

10822_Rose McGowan

1st Socialite- Rose McGowan. She is just awesome, I’m a huge fan and have even a little crash and with her recent OUAT role she should stay in the ABC family.


2nd Socialite – Hilarie Burton is an emotional actress with an awesome mean girl potential. 

That’s the wrap on the announced ABC pilots which seem appealing to me. Comedies I rarely start watching from season 1 I wait a season or 2 and enjoy it later. Honestly my biggest issue with new shows is their timeslot if I have to many shows to watch that day I easily drop them for the time being and catch up over the summer(example Revolution last year, this year I’m not watching it at all).


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