Two and a Half Men Review: John Strongman and an almost GoldStar


Falling fast was the motto of tonight’s Two and a Half men episode “Three Fingers of Crème de Menthe”. As things seemed to go up for Alan and Walden, they suffered pretty hard free falls.

Let’s start with Alan. I mean after Charlie Sheen left Jon Cryer took over the lead and episodes centering around him are just great, and this was one of these episodes were Jon proved his is such an adorable Alan Harper. Alan had still things going on with Lyndsey even though as he thought she was in a relationship with his good friend Larry. So to surprise his lover girlfriend Alan wrapped himself into a gift( picture above). It was a nice gift but just one thing wasn’t working Lyndsey couldn’t return the size. Bummer. But Lyndsey wasn’t sad at all so she started to unwrap it with her mouth. The writer are really exploiting Lyndsey’s sluttiness. Along the way Alan while on a drink with Larry found out that Lyndsey and Larry broke off and Lynsey was a free girl. That followed a really funny scene between Alan and Lynsey were he couldn’t regain her cause he couldn’t commit. After hanging out with Larry again Alan realized that he has to step up so he wouldn’t lose Lyndsey. He went home took Walden’s old engagement ring and went to Lyndsey to propose, but he was to late. Larry changed his mind as well and proposed to Lyndsey in front of his best friend John Strongman aka Alan. Things here aren’t certainly over as yesterday was announced that Larry’s sister got cast as Alan’s love interest.

Walden had different problems as he was degraded as not such a masculine man by Jenny, Brook(Aly Michalka) and Bertha. He tried to butch up and lay the man of the house but was a complete failure and a big big laugh. Walden trying to fix things around the house including building a new fence from scratch was hilarious cause he really isn’t cut for it. I mean I never saw Ashton play a serious role but I really doubt he could play a Alpha male. Eventually at the end of the episode Walden was proud of his newly build fence but things got pretty smoaky as it fall apart when he set down on her.

ICYMI A lesbian who never slept with a man is called a Gold Star. I mean this show is educational. Thumbs up.

MIA Annabell Odette and Clark Duke were just written out. I hope they will get some appearances along the curse of season 11.

I loved the episode and can’t wait for Larry’s and Lyndsey’s wedding day. No one does weddings like Two and a Half men. Just saying!


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