The Vampire Diaries: Karma is happening to me


Ohohohoho what an interesting episode of The Vampire Diaries. As always there were things I loved, things I hate and things I’m reall indiferent to. All over “Total Eclipse of my Heart” was a solid episode.

Brotherly bonding! I love Stefan stepping up for his brother. Even though it’s the Elena show most of the time these brothers are really loving each other and would do anything to protect the other. Stefan going all out for Damon and threatening Enzo was a nice move. Unsuccessful but nice. The next thing on his saving mission was Elena, but that wasn’t just the right move cause our dear Elena is still possesed by Katherine’s spirit.

Katherine was really enjoying her current state, she was young, loved, not on a hunt and a vampire. She was living Elena’s life and breathing with full lungs. She slowly started to put on moves on Stefan and while she thought she just succeeded in her intentions Damon went all psycho and kidnapped Jeremy. The moment she was counting down pros and cons for saving Jeremy’s life was hilarious and the moment she was giving CPR to Jeremy winner! Eventually Kathelena and Stefan got a opportunity to bond over Damon’s devious actions. A very sweet moment happened but got interrupted by Caroline.

Damon meanwhile was enjoying his desperate Vampire self and enjoy drink/blood/kill. He and Enzo were so desperate to find Wes that they even went for Jeremy and forced Bonnie into locatorspell Wes. Of course Bonnie wasn’t able to perfom magic as she is the anchor and not a witch anymore so she looked for a witch she met earlier in a class. Liv was and interesting piece of witch. I loved how Bonnie connected with her.  I assume she stays around and that the recently announced overprotective gay character goming to Mystic falls is her brother.

The most interesting development of the episode was Wes teaming up with Liv and her Traveler friends. While Damon and Enzo were suffering under their spell Wes injected Damon with the serum his serum. After they woke up Damon feed on a Vampire and answered Enzo’s simple question “What is happening?” qith the quote of the night



ICYMI Nadia, Matt and Tyler were taking shots and playing who has the worst mother. Nadia eventually kidnapped Matt after he and Tyler discovered Nadia was using compulsion on Matt. After she realized that Matt knew the truth about Kathelena she decieded she has to drain him of vervain. That should be interesting.

So Damon is on a now in Vampire feeding mode. The travlers and Wes set him up and everything is falling apart. Just the usual Vampire diaries way. What is the Travelers secret agenda? Why do they need Wes serum? Why do they need Wes alive? The writers are setting up and interesting finish to season 5.


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