The Big Bang Theory Review: Vintage trains, a hard buzz and a Lost girl


In tonights episode “The Locomotive Manipulation” Valentine’s day came early this year in The Big Bang world. And people went all out to please each other at least it seemed so.

Amy really want to give Sheldon some pleasure and arranged a VD just perfect for Sheldon. A train ride on a special vintage train with all the accomodies Sheldon wanted/needed. But I really wanted to punch Sheldon in the face as he spent more time with the weird guy on the train than with his girl Amy. Sheldon continued to be awful to Amy what caused her to flip out on Sheldon. The 2 of them got into a huge fight with Sheldon being pretty sarcastic along the way. Along the way he mentioned all the awful romantic stuff couples do on Valentine’s day and tried to play them off, so we got our first Shamy kiss and I was stunned. There was some awkward chemistry all over the place. I hope their relationship grows even more.

Berny and Howard spent the day with Sheldon and Amy in the train. And they gave some hilarious quotes along the way as they dug into their relationship and the way they comunicate. Things got pretty awkward for them as they engaged in gentle moves while Amy was watching.

Leonard and Penny spent Valentine’s day on their own. They promised Raj to look out for his dog Cinemon. But while they were having sex Cinemon ate all of Penny’s chocolate. That made them rush to the vet Ivette, played by the lost alum Tania Raymonde. She interacted a lot with Raj with some really funny quotes on both sides what ended with her giving him her number. Hopefully this romance will end better for Raj.

This was a tense episode but filled with some great laughs and a big smooch. I hope the writers give us more Shamy focus cause they were pretty amazing this week.


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