Reign Review: The Medici’s are coming


Anyone who says that this show isn’t getting better by every episode must be on some heavy drugs. “Inquisition” was probably the best episode Reign has featured over te course of it’s 11 episode run.

Catherine de Medici is the toughest queen that walked over our small screens in recent time. Catherine’s family came to support their Queen as she informed the over her letters. The stuck up Medici’s  were terrified in what conditions Catherine is prevailing. Even though the Medici’s prevented Henry from talking to the Pope they now are on a mission to stop Henry from kill of Catherine. Thank good Catherine has some loyal alliances in the castle who helped her reveal the secrets of the pagan’s child from last weeks episode. This child should’ve revealed Bash’s family history and the hunt to find it began. Finally we got a real face of between Henry and Catherine, were unspoken truths got revealed and heartbreak got turned into passionate kiss and more. And this safed Catherine at least it seemed that way.

While all hell was going on at the castle, Mary and Bash were on baby hunt. They got to Agnes home first but were unable to safe the baby from the Medici’s. But the pagan birthmark was healed up and Catherine had no real evidence. The bound between Mary and Bash grew stronger as he even threatened to kill Henry for Mary’s well being. They kissed again as she claimed him that her heart is open for him.

But now the twist of the season happened. Catherine got confronted by Clarissa. As Nostradamus revealed Clarissa’s history to Catherine she realized a painful truth. CLARISSA IS CATHERINE’S DAUGHTER. She is a bastard born out of love with count Delacrouix. After Agnes told the truth, Henry connected the dots realizing that his friend Delacrouix was being the father of Catherine’s illigitimate child. Things ended up on a violent not as Henry killed the guard who wanted to testify for Catherine. It turned out that Henry knew about Diane’s pagan ways.

The Medici’s turned their back on Catherine as she lost and gave her poison to end her suffering. Catherine played the game till the end and tried to kill Mary and herself with the poison she recieved. But Clarissa interfered and saved Mary and Mother, who was terrified by her daughters appearence.

MIA Francis and Lola weren’t in this episode at all, while Greer and Keena had minor appearences. Hope that changes along the way.

Things are heating up and I really don’t know how the writers will turn things around for Mary and Francis and for Catherine. I really hope it will be steaming hot. Long will they Reign.


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