Modern Family Review: Stop being suspicious!


Modern Family is a real tease, the show is so good but is killing me with these constant breaks. After a break last week, we got a special threat this week cause “iSPY” was a perfect follow up to Three Dinners.

Things were going pretty crazy as Clair got suspicious that Luke and Manny were taking drogs. She was pretty mean overall as she tracked Luke down via his phone and forced Phil to spy along and used his ridiciouless camera(pictured above) to help her spy. While they were tracking down Luke and Manny, Claire put Alex on a mission to find out what kind of exibit Haley is participating in. Alex proved to be a silent star on this show with potential to carry out the big things as her interactions with Haley and Claire were pretty hilarious. Things culminated at the exibit as the little Dunphy’s pushed Clair to the wall for her spying on them. But the family reconciled as Clair showed how nuch she cares and that her actions weren’t based on snoping.

Jay meanwhile was in big trouble with wify Gloria as she heard him calling Baby in his sleep. Gloria thought Jay was having dreams about an other women so she messed a little bit around with him. It was funny to see Jay sweat over the fact that Gloria found out his secret. But that was a completely different thing. Eventually Jay lied to Gloria that he had a nightmare and cried a bit in his dreams. I almost fall of my sofa as he revealed that he was dreaming about his dog.

And we get to Mitch and Cam. Mitch was on a dinner with a friend who told him he had cafe implants and asked him to keep it a secret from Cam. This gave us some really funny scenes between these love birds. Cam was terrified as Mitch said he was just a Gossip and couldn’t keep a secret. He got even a bit offended but they cleared things out as Mitch conffessed he loves to hear the gossip.

An eventful and hilarious episode came to a pretty sweet end as the family gathered around the pics Haley took of them. We are going an a 21 day withdrawal mission and it can’t be over soon enough.


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