Arrow Review: League of Damaged Lovers


“Heir to the demon” was everything we expected and much much more. Sara cameback, Nyssa appeared, Felicity got into a huge clash with Moira and Oliver got burned throughout these events.

Flashbacks This week we got a special threat with the Lance family side of the boat crash. The relationship between Laurel and Sara seemed so intense, it’s probably hard to be so strongwilled and stuborn as these 2 girls and grow up at each others side. The moment when Moira came to tell Quentin and Laurel the truth was really heartbreaking.

In present time the episode started with an explosive appearence by Nysaa al Ghul. The balance of Nyssa’s character was extraordinary presented, the beautiful women in love and the assassin weren’t strrugling at all. She is so determent and just knows what she wants and needs. Katrina Law nailed the role and her battling scene with Oliver was extraordinary. Kudos to both.

Sara’s comeback was interestingly delivered. Revealing she had something with Nyssa besides being the hottest thing ever on Arrow showed how much they meant to each other and why it was Nyssa who come to take Sara back. The supersonic boom device used by Sara was a nice touch to her Canary identity. Honestly I thought Nyssa would be the big deal here but Laurel’s reaction to Sara’s comeback was priceless. As seen in the flashbacks Sara and Laurel’s relationship was on a tough road even before Sara slept with Oliver and went missing for 6 years. Katie’s performance was brilliant she really convinced me how hurt she was. Honestly she was right, Sara should’ve called as soon as she reached safe ground(of the island). Laurel was hurt, Sara destroyed her life semi intentionally, eventually Laurel kicked her out of the apartment well deserved.

While the Lance family drama was peaking, the Queena had isaues on their own. Felicity over some off shore account found out that Moira payed of her OB to keep quiete. In a really surprising move Felicity faced of with Moira pushing her towards telling the truth to Oliver. But Moira countered in a really interesting way with telling she will oose Oliver if she tells him the truth. But here we got the proof of how much Felicity loves Oliver. In a heartbreaking speech Felicity tells Oliver the truth. After this Oliver deciedes to break of any connextion with his lying mother only keeping appearences for Thea’s sake. I really hope this will finally bring Thea into the center of the story and give her some character development which she didn’t has for almost a year.

And we come to the only bad thing of tonights episode. The Oliver/Sara hook up! Ohhhh no no no. It was really out of place. I believe Sara is in love with Oli but he! He should’ve been smarter. This will probably push things in many directions and I even sense the possibility of a baby coming our way.

ICYMI Felicity mentioned her parents in her speech to Oliver. And I can’t wait to meet them. Mama seems to be a loony or a pusher mom while dad is a bad bad boy whole run away. I would love some friends of Felicity to appeae a female bff or boyfriend.

MIA Roy wasn’t in this ep at all. Shame I would’ve loved him to try and take on Nyssa in the name of Team Arrow.

Every new Arrow episode will have a tough job to follow up this instalment. Either way we are going on a winter break till the Olympics are over. The 14th episode will feature the appearence of Robert Knepper(the guy from the short lived show Cult, who shows his bulge everywhere) as the DC villian Clock King, with an Arrowverse twist on him.


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