The Originals Review: Declaring War


“Crescent City” was and explosive episode featuring love, pain, heartbreak, broken necks and death.

So many storylines, so many events, so powerful witches, so many alliances.

With only 3 of 4 ressurected witches being alive you would thought that Celeste, Red head and Bastianna would be more patient but the witches used the momentum and played the wickiest game to date.

The episode starts with Monique’s resurrection and escape from the tomb while Celeste was taking a tour around the cementry. It was a nice touch to see Celeste still doing Sabine’s job to keep the cover. Sophie trilled of Monique’s comeback started to plan a escape town and started making alliances with Marcel and the ressurected witches. This resulted in Sophie stabbing Klaus with Papa Tunde’s knife, after he attempted to kill Monique. At the end Sophie tried to run away with Monique and safe her family but instead she got killed by her Niece. Monique was manipulated by the Celeste and turned into a Believer for their cause. Monique is overly powerful, Davina kind of powerful, and she didn’t hasitated to use her powers on her Aunt, whom she marked as a Non-believer who deserved to die or lay with a bloody face on the grpund. Sophie’s “death” was purely tragic and sad, blood was pooring all over her face and in the closing caption we just saw a tear rushing down her face. I doubt Sophie is really dead, it would be to easy. But she hasn’t any real power hopefully she comes back stronger.

Klaus before getting stabbed was working on a way to save Kieran, who got Hexed by Bastianna. We got some emotional moments between Cami and her Uncle, Cami and Klaus and some purely disgusting Klaus-Keiran scenes, while trying to solve the Hex with compulsion. Eventually none of this worked and Klaus went into psycho mode and stabbed got Sophie. Klaus being this reckless was just painful to watch, like he doesn’t know witches can easily knock him out. But it had to serve the story so today Klaus was dummer than ever.

Meanwhile the first full moon after a while happened and Hayley wanted to get to know her family. As Marcel’s curse made them wolfes every day and night with expection of nights with a full moon( Original mythology lesson 101). So Hayley throw a party at the plantation with the help of Becca. At the party Hayley met plenty werewolfes but 1 was in particular interesting as he presented himself her husband to be. Jackson informed us that Hayley and he belonged to the Crescent pack but aren’t blood related. Their families go back to the orgins of wolfes (lets call them Wolf Royalty) and in a time of need they made a pact and promised their childeren to each other, in that way they tried to strengthen the werewolf families overall. Shocked by all the information she heard, Hayley didn’t know how to respond. Honestly she hadn’t time as the witches wrongfully lured out all the wolfes to the Plantation and started a fire. Hayley, her baby and hubby to be almost died if there wasn’t the overly smooth Elijah to save the day. But later on that.

Rebekah had some bad luck again. I will really start a petition to stop Julie Plec from hurting this girl anymore. She really can’t catch a break. After Marcel alarming her that the Red head witch is back in town she was in panic mode. Red head was the one who helped Rebekah and Marcel bring Mikael to town in 1919 and as it seems they killed her afterwards. But that was the good part of the episode for Rebekah, as she got into a hot liplocking with an other Crescent wolf only to be betrayed by him and ravishly attacked by a bunch of turned werewolfes. Poor girl, I really hoped she would enjoy at least this evening. But maybe she forgives him, she has that weakness towards man she has the hots for. So after Klaus, Rebekah was captured by the witches as well.

And at the end Elijah was the last Original standing but broken into many many pieces. After Hayley mentioned that Celeste could be one of the resurrected witches, Elijah finally connected the dots and realized that Celeste was living in Sabine’s body and set them all up to kill Agnes so that she could control the Harvest completely. Celeste while kissing Elijah weakened him with some poison making him unable to save all the people he cared about. He had to decied between Klaus, Becca and Hayley and he choose the mother of his brothers child. Twisted! Eventually Elijah pissed off, cameback to the Compound and startet throwing Vamps all over the place showing how superior he is and sending a mesaage to the bloodsuckers that they are under his command and that they declared War to the witches!

ICYMI Our hunky gay vamp soldier Josh is still alive and doing stuff for Hayley. And as Rebekah said

I love a good survival story!

So do we and we are really looking forward to see Josh on our screens again.

And when you thought Tge Originals can’t get any better they air an episode like this. I’m thrilled and can’t wait for February 25th to see the story progress as the Witches took a page out of AHS Assylum and put Klaus and Becca into the Loony.


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