Pretty Little Liars Review: EzrA is one A to much


“Hot for Teacher” started the hunt for Ezra and gave us inside in some Ally stuff. With every Liar going Rouge in their own way this was overall the best PLL episode since the winter premier, things got finally somewhere interesting.

Emily Bommer! I really though she cut Allison out of her heart but noup she tangled in her web again. She started to follow Shouna around in desperate need of getting into Ally’s good grace again. But Shouna was the one who reached out to Ems and they had a interesting face off, cause Shouna needed Emily’s help. Emily found some money in Ally’s room and should deliver it to Shouna but Shouna got taken out.

Hanna Had pulled the breaks. She was scared as shit as “A” drugged her last week and sent a clear message (Dead girls don’t smile ) and stop messing with “A”, but was it “A”? Got a feeling that Ally might be more protective the. We thought.

Aria Had plenty issues on her mind. She was torn between Ezra, her friends, Mike and Jessy, the councelor played by Wes Ramsey. I really dig her interaction with Jessy, he gets her on a different level and she seeked him out. But Aria couldn’t help herself and went out to the Cabin with Ezra where he started to get deeper under her skin.

Spencer I never thought I would love her to pop pills, but Troian was a shining star and captured some of her Season 3 glory. The look Brenda had while selling her pills was just demeaning and hurtful. Spencer being freaked out by the possibility of Ezra being “A” was really well executed and the leash out with Hanna was powerful and terrifying.

Team A Was busy last night! We finally found out what was hiding in Ezra’s cabin and we got assured there are more “A”‘s than we believed. Ezra’s cabin had a seller where all the equipment from the Halloween ep was stacked and he got a mail with pictures covering the actions of all 4 girls. Along the way Shouna got taken and served out of Rosewood. “A” is pretty convincing.

Ally’s closing scene was just perfect. Alone , vulnerable and the run. Hopefully that bus she is taking stops in Rosewood. ASAP.

Thing finally started going somewhere and Ezra has a huge mark on his back. Let’s hope these next 6 eps will give us some major reveals.


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