Cougar Town Review: Never give up Chick


Cougar Town is one of the rare comedies that can combine emotional/hurtful moments with prime humor. “Hard on Me” was a really good episode featuring the comeback of Jules’s dad, Chick.

Things got messy when Jules in her wish to motivate her dad, Chick. I think this is the first time we got to know his name. Jules hired her dad to train her and the Cul-de-Sac for a 5K run. Chick was hard on our friends, he had no mercy. He hit, he poored vine, he was mean and as our protagonists cried out of pain I cried while I was laughing throughout the whole instalment. Jules eventually leashed out on her Alzheimer sick dad making him leave. But as always these 2 had a great reconcilation scene and decieded to finish the run together.

Ellie worked her darkside this week. As she got sick everyone was avoiding cause Sick Ellie is an even bigger bitch than regular Ellie. She felt pretty abbandoned so see started stealing people out of the 5k run training. She infected one by one till only Jules was able to run. But the group reunited as Jules needed their help to finish the race. The Ripper gowns were suiting our Cougars well and the scenes where each member got infected was funny to watch.

Last but not least Grayson had a storyline on his own. After some convincing by Bobby he entered the acting buisness again. That was his last big chance and it was amazing how thrilled he was after getting the job. But the downfall he felt after realizing that Turbo T isn’t a deo but Testesterone suplement was pretty hilarious. He eventually did the commercial and we got to see it at the end of the episode. And thank you for that writer.

Cougar Town has it’s best season since season 2. I really love it and I hope season 5 keeps this level of entertainment.


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