The Following Review: Following is spelt with a “B” for Betrayal


The worst place to trust someone is The Following universe and “Trust Me”, The Following’s latest instalment, proved how truthful this statement is. I liked this episode very much cause first we got a lot of Emma and we got a lot of Weston/Ryan interaction. Besides that Joe had to take some drastic meassures to prevail in his hide out.

Emma Hill is living in the dark and it’s so funny to watch. It is really odd that Joe didn’t contact her. I know her emotions are a wild card and they could put Joe in danger but common she is the supreme follower. Either way it is really enjoyable to watch Emma in distress. Seeing Marc ( Sam Underwood’s calmer version) get interested in her made him even more likeable. He has this amazingly devious look in his eyes that really makes me wonder about his next actions. The character I’m most interesting to see and get to know is Gillian. We got so little of her but she has the most potential to evolve or get killed fast. But she could serve as a sacrifice so Luke goes mad and does irrational tjings. Carlos was an easy kill for Luke after Emma presented her case. The revelation of Lily being the Twins mother was a nice twist to the story.

Ryan and Mike were trying to rebuild their trust and they were on a good path but Ryan isn’t thinking straight. He is too impulsive when it comes to Joe and his cult actions. But I have to give him credit he is never wrong, he knows the Cult better than anyone. I was suspicious of Lily since she survived the train attack she had to be a follower she was to good to be truth. Loved her telephone call to Ryan, they really have something there. I’m interested to see where the overall story with these 2 is headed.

Joe meanwhile had issues on his own. Judy witnessed him and Megan kill the priest and wasn’t in for anything good. She tried to shot him but was out smarted but taking out the bullets. Mandy stopped Joe’s initial instict to eventually kill her mother with her own 2 hands. I have to praise (again) Tiffany Boone for an excellent performance, Mandy seems so infatuated. I’m really digging it, but Joe will eventually sacrifice her.

MIA Jessica Stroup’s Max. I hope this isn’t a bad sign and she sticks with the show.

ICYMI Agent Gina Mendez played by Valerie Cruz is a kick a*s agent. Hope she doesn’t betray as and gets revealed as a follower.

A really good episode. I enjoyed every part of it hopefully The Following can keep up the level of action and plausibillity.


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