Teen Wolf Review: Mythology Lessons


“Silverfinger” is that kind of episodes you have to rewatch a couple of times to get the hang on everything what happened.

The episodes starts of quickly introducing a lot of plot points into the story. Mr. Argent was explaining what happened quite some time ago on his first mission ever. This is the place where he met the shadow ninjas for the very first time. It should’ve been just a usual transaction but it got pretty bloody when the Ninjas went for a kill and killed a dozen of people leaving Argent and a handfull of people alive, between them a man called Silverfinger. Alisson, Isaac and Argent continued the mission to find Silverfinger. This gave us a hot hot scene between Isaac and Alison resulting in Isaac to suit up, leaving plenty girls and boys drulling in front of their TV’s. After Argent and Alison reach Silverfinger they get information about the Shadow Ninjas and their pray the Kitsune.

Scott had a lot on his mind this week. First of he and Kira connected over the fact that he is a supernatural being. Arden Cho is the perfect cast for the role of Kira. She has that innocent teenage spark which is just captivating. The Twins were the 2nd thing “bothering” Scott. They were on a mission to protect him and it was really pissing Scott off. And that resulted in Scott and Kira messing with the Twins bikes. Dad McFall meanwhile got some evidence put on his lap making him rush to the McFall home and gett injured by the Ninjas along the way. As the Shadow Ninjas aka Onis get into a huge fight with Derek, Scott and the Twins. Along the way we discovered that Kira is a Kitsune, a being which drawes power from pain and damage. After Alison tells them that the Onis are searching for beings with dark soules Scott is convinced that Kira is safe. And after acting on their powers Onis agree. An other connection point for these 2.

On the otherside of Beacon High Stilles was going nuts for sure. He was scares, irrtional just going mad over the fact that he couldn’t control his black out ego. He searched for shalter at the hospital were Melissa was playing mother for him, and after Stilles called her mome she connected the dots and remembered that Stlles mother suffered from the same symptoms. Bummer. At this point I am really worried about Stilles he could be the shows next victim, I even think he set up Kira and Scott up with that photo Agent McFall got. The ultimate surprise came as the Onis came to confront to him and it seems he even killed 3 of them.

MIA This week we didn’t see our wonderful Banshee Lydia. But synopsises indicate she will have some interesting moments in the next couple of eps.

Honestly to many things happened this week, I hope the story gets more coherant along the next episodes. And the pacing gets better.


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