Intelligence Review: Mission Mejico


This week on Intelligence we took a trip to Mexico and it wasn’t the good kind. “The Rescue” as the tittle said put Gabriel and Riley on a rescue mission to find a Governer’s daughter played by Abbie Cobb.

Some pretty manipulitive games were played on tonights Intelligence as secrets were revealed out of nowhere and moves were made putting plenty people in danger.

Gabriel and Rile were marionettes in a big plot revolving around narko bosses and intel gathered and selled out. Our fantastic duo was on a mission to safe the Governers daughter who was kidnapped to prevent a satelite sale to the mexicans. After following some leads Gabriel and Riley rescued Samatha a friend of Mackenzie who got kidnapped along the way.

Meanwhile Lillian had issues on her own to deal with. She found out her father is in cohuts with the main kidnapper Hector who was selling out his colleges so he could do his narko things in Mexico. Lillan, Lillian’s father, eventually tried to make a deal with Hector were he would give up the satelite codes for Mackenzie. I knew the introduction of Lillian’s dad would be extraordinary hope we see him soon again.

Hector for being the shady guy didn’t follow the agreement and imprisoned Riley while not returning Mackenzie.

Gabriel safed both Riley and Mackenzie with his chip abbilities. Along the way their chemistry got a lot better and their connection strengthened.

Lillian made the move of the evening by kiling Hector even though everyone was against it. She smarted the evil guy out and sent an assasin to kill him in his bathtub. This was the right move to make but I hope this will come around and bite her in the ass.

ICYMI Abbie Cobb played a solid part here. I hope this girl gets a show soon, I would tune in for sure.

Hopefully the raitings rise, cause this is a solid show. Meanwhile we are gettin on a break, 3 weeks till the next episode airs.


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