How I met your Mother Review: Seeing Red


” Sunrise ” had a tough job to follow up on the previous episode of HIMYM. The episode continued were S09E15(Unpause)left off, Barney run off drunk, Marshall and Lilly just had their biggest fight yet and Ted and Robin started to look for Barney.

RED! I mean when a couple’s name is Red (or Tobin) you should now it’s destint for failure. Robin and Ted have strong chemistry and their scenes are always good but I really hated the writers rekindle their past emotions in this episode. the remembering of Ted’s past relationships was really funny. I enjoyed every single girlfriend comeback. Stella and Victoria were really good and I laughed so hard when they introduced Jeanette as Ms Mosby. I dislike that Ted will meet the mother still in love with Robin he should’ve overcome it by now. Yes this episode served for him as the break up he needed but it isn’t that easy. It never is. Robin saying there is a chain email messages going around about Ted’s Top5 best and worst relationships was a great way to pay tribute to all the nut jobs who dated Ted. I think Natalie derves a place on the Top5 worst relationships cause that was a pure wreck. Thank good Ted and Robin are over for good and it’s time we get more flashforward of Ted and The Mom.

Marshall and Lilly reconciled after Marshall spent most of the episode talking to 2013 and 2006 Lilly(in his head) about what was wrong about his action. Eventually he realized that the issue wasn’t in him accepting the job it was about him creating bad air between them and pushe each other away.

MIA Real Life Lilly was gone for the majority of tr episode with exception of the last scene. I hope we soon get the answer with whom she run away.

Barney meanwhile gave his legacy 2 very lost boys. After showing them the perks of a strip club he got the tailored suits by Tim Gunn. Tim played a nice role truth to his real life identity. And at the end Barney thought the 2 loosers how to pick up girls. It was nice to see that Barney willingly give up on his Bachelor life.

After last week this was a tough follow up, but the episode served it’s purpose. I hope we can finally move on from Italy, Red and Barney’s bachelor life.


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