Hart of Dixie Review: So wake me up when it’s all over


Who doesn’t love that Bluebell spirit? “Should’ve been a Cowboy” was a typical Hart of Dixie episode where on one side we’re on seventh heaven on the other side we were never closer to hell. Let’s break down this episode story by story.

Joel and Zoe had money issues. The estimate for the house remodeling was to deep for their pockets. So Joel decieded to man up and work on the house on his own. But besides having money issues Tom bashed his book script telling his cowboy is to soft. Than my new favorite bromance come along, Jade/Woel scenes. This is probably the best part of the new season. Joel followed Wade around to get some insight and improve his book. Along the way Joel realized what a hunk his bro is. Wade was a ray of sunshine, charming, hot and taking shirts off. But with an oppurtunity open for sex with Vivian Wade left Joel hanging and gave him the oppurtunity to be Wade and replace him as a bartender. But Joel got himself into a big mess and  arranged a fight with Little Zach. Wade helped Joel to find his inner hero and keep his personallity along the way this and a talk with Zoe helped him step up and fight like a man.

Zoe in her search for money decieded to become partner again. So she took on a bet with Brick to get the town on their wished weight and if she succeeds she will become partner again. But Brick was keeping information from Zoe and that were key information which could completely tossed things on his side. Crickett moved the cake fest jepardizing Zoey’s health month mission. Zoe’s efforts weren’t enough and the Cake festival happened ruining Zoe’s goal of becoming Partner again.

Lavon and AnnaBeth had sfuff to work out, cause the damage done before the merger storyline was still lingering over these characters and the engagment of a familiar couple put preassure on this couple again. Kaitlyn Black had some amazings moments here controling herself to not burst all over Lavon and the bride to be, who was intantionally pushing AnnaBeth’s buttons. Honestly Lavon was a huge prick this week, pretty snubish and arrogant and that didn’t help AnnaBeth’s insecurity, he is ussually more insightful and keeps track of peoples feeling. AnnaBeth broke things of with Lavon in a heartwarming speech and made tear up every passionate viewer.

ICYMI Tom and Meatball proved to be excellent stripers. By excellent I mean hilarious.

ICYMI2 After clearing things with Lavon, George followed his heart and went for Tansy.

Next week is our winter and timeslot final. After that Zoe & co moves to Fridays starting March21.


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