Dream Cast: CW Pilots 2014 part 1


Pilot season started and CW entered the season pretty early during Comic Con last year when they annouced The Flash( a spin off based on the Arrow mythology) and a Supernatural spin off ( which last week got an official name Supernatural: Tribes ).  Besides these 2 spin off pilots CW ordered 3 fresh shows last week including iZombie, Jane The Virgin and Identity. I expect the CW to order 3-5 more pilots, so here are my predictions for some roles of the announced/upcoming pilots.

The Flash

The most of The Flash casting is already conducted but the casting choice for Iris West isn’t finished or at least not announced to the audience. Besides Barry Allen(Grant Gustin), Iris is probably the most important role and that is most likely the reason the casting is taking longer than the otherones.


Jessica Lucas is my choice. Jessica convinced me in Cult to be a captivating actress. She can be hurt, strong, passionate. Really a well rounded actress and an eye candy as well. But the only thing killing her here is her CW record both Cult and Melrose Place remake were cancelled after season 1.

41st NAACP Image Awards - Red Carpet

Or the beautiful Jurnee Smolett! Just love this girl, she was amazing on True Blood and some movie roles I saw her in

WRONG! Neither of my choices was chosen for the role of Iris West! Instead Candice Patton was cast. A really pretty girl, I personally never saw her act, but I trust their choice.


Is an other DC comic adaptation in the CW fabric. It revolves around Gwen a medical student who goes Zombie and needs to eat brains ona regular basis to survive. In this version Gwen works in a morgue while in the comics she gets brains from graveyards. I haven’t heard any casting announced but I base my speculations on the comic version where besides Gwen we have Ellie, a 1960’s ghost, and Scott, a gay were terrier.


Gwen: Emma Roberts really made me fall for her in AHS Coven. She played such a great Madison. Recently I watched her in “We’re the Millers” and she was good there as well. I think she can pull this of in great fashion. Candice Accola. I think this role would just work for her. And if the VD writer are just crazy enough they will let her go to shine in her own show. She deserves it.


Ellie: Shenae Grimes is a fine actress. And as proven in this picture she could work the retro look.


Scott: pBrendan Robinson played a really intruiging Lucas on PLL and I feel that huge gay vibe, so I think he would fit the role perfectly.

Jane The Virgin

The show is based on a Venezuelan telenovela revolving around Juana, a 17 year old religious girl who accidently gets pregnant by artificial insemination. The sperm belongs to Mauricio who wanted to use it to impregnat his wife Carlota. Mauricio convinces Juana to keep the baby and while carrying for her he falls in love with her. The usual telenovela premise. I give you my wishes for the 3 main characters.


Tracy Spiridakos as Juana/Jane, Chad M. Murray as Mauricio and Cassidy Freeman as Carlota.


The show centers on a young woman in need of a transplant who learns she is related to a powerful family whose son is her only hope for a donor organ.The CIA approaches her to investigate the family’s involvement in domestic terrorism and to infiltrate their rarified world. Her loyalty, morality and ethics are tested as she’s forced to slowly build a case against the family who saved her life. Nothing besides this is known so I can only guess the main role and I give it to THE GREAT SARA CANNING.

Sara Canning - She is just perfect. Such a beutiful talented girl and she is just 26/27. Loved her playing Aunt Jenna and Anne Sluti. Maybe she could stop by OUAT, she is princess material.

SPN: Tribes

The Pilot for this possible show will air as back door pilot as a part of the original series it comes from(episode 20 of season 9). It is centered in Chicago around Ennis Roth, a cop to be who gets involved into a supernatural battle between 5 rulling families of Chicago. Besides Ennis, who discovers his inner hunter here, as part of the main cast we have David & Margo Hayden, shape shifter siblings, Violet & Julian Durant, werewolf siblings, and Freddie Costa, 30-ty something mentor for Ennis.


Michael B. Jordan as Ennis Roth, he has both the acting skills and abs to be a CW lead.


The shape shifter siblings should be played by Jenessa Grant & Chris Wood.


Keegan Allen and Taissa Farmiga would work really well as the Werewolf bros.


Last but not least there is the role of Freddie Costa is going to .

That’s the wrap on my current *ream Cast for the announced CW pilots.


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