Black Sails Review: Most wanted Cook in New Providence


As said in the review for Intelligence’s 2nd episode, the 2nd episode of any show is the deal breaker, where moste of the viewers decied if they stay with a show or leave it in purgatory. ” II ” was a strong instalment with spiking rivalries, a runaway Cook and the word f*cked used as often as possible. I mean I have no issues with overexposed sexuallity and curse words but only if it services the story.

” II ” start right of where the pilot ended. Capt. Flint and his people of trust realized that John Silver was the real thief and after he escaped their ship they started searching for him. While Flint’s people were searching for John Silver, Flint was busy convincing Eleanor to support his cause. Eleanor is choking in problems, she is under a lot of preassure, battling out to prove herself as woman, struggling with her feelings for Charles Vane and Max and cherishing her alliances with Flint. But Eleanor quickly joined the hunt for the big money and sacrificed Max to get the information John Silver’s location. Max spilled the beans very quickly cause she knew that after loosing Eleanor she needs to keep her good looks.

Even though Max was playing a double game I believe her feelings for Eleanor are truthful. How she got into this mess? Easy, very easy after she and John made a deal with Capt. Charles Vane and his people to trade the page for a life changing amount of money. After a ruff encounter with Charles, Max arranges the meeting at the Rakes.

The meet and great should’ve happened at the Rakes but things got overly messy with the involvment of Capt. Flint and his people. A mysterious hunt in a creepy and dark place started making things heat up. Flint eventually captured John who made the smartest move of the episode by memorizing the schedule and burning the page in a fire. In this way he become the most valueable Cook in Nassau and further.

ICYMI Capt. Flint visited a mysterious woman in the last moments of the episode and broke down to his knees.

ICYMI2 Hannah New and Jessica Kennedy Parker gave us Emmy worth performences. And things should get even better in their relationship with Max(Jessica K.P.) running away.

Off Topic: How white are the teeth of these people? I mean they are living around 1715 but still white as bleeched.

I really liked the episode and it’s one of the perks of shows with small episode orders is that we don’t need 15 filler eps to get somewhere. Can’t wait for my next dose of Pirates.


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