Two And a Half Men Review: Will you marry me Alan Harper?


Two and a Half Men even in it’s eleventh season keeps on rocking pretty hard. “Bite me, Supreme Court” was a funny episode featuring a lot of hilarious older actor and some family bounding all over.

The episode was more coherant with our main characters all being part of one storyline and being devided. This brought along some great Walan scenes that we missed in some previous episodes.

The episode follows Evelyn, Alan’s mother if you remember, getting proposed and married in less than 30 minutes. Her hubby to be first asked permition from Alan to proceed with his attention. This gave us some great moments while playing with Evelyn’s nasty character and Alan’s parasite qualities. But Walden agreed to give away his “mother in-law” if Marty would promiss to take Evelyn’s son if her ever would need a place to stay. After the one of a kind proposal by Marty and Evelyn Walden was named Best man while Jenny was declared Maid of honor.

It was interesting to watch Jenny and Evelyn bound. They are smart ass crazy girls who feel really empowered with just be female. Their talk about Evelyn’s marriages and Jenny not having an excuse to dump girls(cause of marriage equality) was just hilarious. Evelyn should really stop by more often.

While the bride to be and maid of honor were bounding, Walden was preparing the bachlor party for Marty. At the party besides Marty, Alan and Walden were some old school comedy legends(including Tim Conway, Steve Lawrence and Garry Marshall) which just made the day. Alan busted the party with 2 stripers Sugar and Cinemon(tasty) and let Marty see someone else naked before he dies. This resulted in Marty breaking the engagement.

Evelyn wasn’t that desperate but I felt for her. I mean a woman without 7 marriages is no woman. But Walden and Alan steped up and convinced Marty that real love is what matters and not some bimbos with double D’s. So Walden decided to propose Alan in front of Marty proving him what really matters is to have someone who will stick with you through better and worse, just likr Alan sticks to Walden’s wallet. At the wedding Marty decieded to do the right thing for his “gay” in laws and arrange them to marry the same day.

A great TAAHM episode, but I hope for the comeback of Odette Annable and Clark Duke next week.


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