The Big Bang Theory Review: Once Upon a Sheldon Con


After a 2 week break The Big Bang Theory came back with a strong episode. “The Convention Conundrum” was a Sheldon centric instalment full of laughs and a wonderful appearence by James Earl Jones.

The episode started with our 4 nerds trying to purchase tickets for Comic Con and a huge disappointment as CC was sold out before they were able to get tickets. From this place the story devides into 2 storyline. The main on about Sheldon and his Sheldon Con and the other about the other 3 guys trying to purchase tickets illegally.

Sheldon and his attempt to Organize a convention on his own was just old school Sheldon rulling over our small screns. From the scene where he stated his idea to his friends every new scene hilarious. Sheldon was on a mission to plan a event on his own, The Sheldon Con. Sheldon’s attempt to bring big stars to his event was hilarious. Sheldon talking to Robert Downey Jr. manager was awesome, he made me laugh hilariously. And his scenes with James Earl Jones wer just perfect. Jim Parson gives so much into Sheldon’s character. I mean it’s not just the lines it’s everything his mimis his movement the sound of his voice. Just everything. Thumbs Up. James E.J. on the other hand proved he can do so much with so little. He was mostyl nodding and agreeing with Sheldon but his big big eyes just made you enjoy every single moment. I really hope he comesback and takes the nerds to Comic Con.

Meanwhile Raj, Lenny and Howy were trying to buy CC tickets illegally. It was really a threat to watch them panic over doing the wrong thing. Is it a con. Will they get arrested?! Will this or that happen?? Their struggling was really funny to watch. Raj mentioning his citizenship getting in danger if got cauvht was a nice move. Howard as the most awkward one had the best idea with turning of the light so the guy would go away as he saw them not being at home.

The girls were keeping out of the whole Comic Con mess and were enjpying some girl time. Okay there was one replica by Berny that she had to give Howard his allowance earlier so he could buy the illegal tickets. Firts off they went to a place to drink an afternoon tea just realizing it’s a mother-daughter place. Amy looked so cute with the Tiara on her head. This got the girls into a serious conversation about the perks of being adult. Penny was trying to be deep, she didn’t succeed but she was trying.

There was no major character development this week, especially in comparison with the previous 2 episodes, but there were plenty laughs handed out and I enjoyed the episode a lot. See you next week.


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