Black Sails Review: I’m your King


I hadn’t time to watch this show last Saturday, but I heard positive things about it and decieded to follow up. So here is the review for the first episode with the special tittle “I.”

The show starts with a ship being under attack and some explosive days lighting up the screen. Eventually our captain Flint gets revealed as the one who attempts and succeeds in conquering the boat. The show has a rather big cast and the pilot spent a lot of time introducing characters and relationships. The shows premise is set into 1715 following the events on the New Providence island, Nassau and plenty Pirates residing on it.

Capt. Flint is an intruinging character and a solid lead. Curently he is in for a lot of trouble with his crew throwing a que on him trying to kick his of his position. After consulting with his adviser Gates he goes on a mission to safe his position. Gates assigns Billy to follow him and prevent from doing anything mad. That wasn’t really a viable option . Flint isn’t the over careful main character who puts other people’s need in front of his own, he is the one who does everything he needs to prevail. Overall Flint has a plan, his goal is to find a huge treassure  around 5 million dollars but he is missiong on page out of the book which would leave but we’ll speak a bit later about the most wanted Book Page in New Providence. As Flint didn’t got the support he was expecting on his trip to Richard Guthrie and started to play an other game. Before things got messy on the boat, Flint gave Billy a deeply inspiring speach which put Billy on his side at least for now.On the ship he told his crew about the treassure but accused the mutineer leader Singleton for taking the stolen page. After a sword/fist to fist combat to  death Flint prevails, peoving that He is the King and with Billy’s help he coned his crew into following him blindly. For now he secueed his spot as Captain but we’ll see for how long.

John Silver is a charming cook who was lucky enough to get hand on the page first.  He switched sides fast and become part of Capt. Flint’s ship, with his goal being to get the treassure for himself alone. On Nassau he gets initiated by getting introduced to Blackbeard, who is not what you would expect. The beard doesn’t reffeered to HER facial hair. He spent a lovely evening with a couple of prostitues, from which one turned out to be the luckiest and smartest Max, played by the wonderfull Jessica Kennedy Parker. Max was helping John to find the rest of the book but their were unsuccessful. Max proved to be a tricky girl and it was more than her hot akcent that was giving it of. After sleeping with John and Eleanor she was already searching fpr the highest bitter to sell the page.

Speaking of Eleanor she is a handful of a women. Hannah New potrayted this strong and powerful women on a funny and self secure way. She does things the way she wants and it was lovely to watch her. Especially the moment when she slept with Max (not cause of the sex per say) she was so deeply broken, hurt unbelievable. I’m very fond of Blondes and seeing Eleanor being so hurt made my heart race faster. But pre-sex Eleanor had a scene with the guy(Capt. Charles Vane) who apparently broke her heart and jaw for matter of speaking. Really interesting to see where her charactee will end up while be torn all over the place, between Flint, Max, her dad and the man she ones loved and who once loved her.

ICYMI Billy is the perfect guy. He is so sweet and loyal and has the perfect pair of eyes.

This episode set the premise really high. Many questions and relationships were started and it will be funny to see how many will fail before our main/hero Capt. Flint finds the treassure.


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