The Vampire Diaries: Keep calm and be a Daemon


“The Devil inside” got some original VD flow and was very season one without any Big Bads messing with our teenage drama.

Damon was heartbroken and heartbroken people do the worst things possible. Damon being Damon paniced about Elena not reaching out and drunk himself to death. Enzo entered back into his life with Aaron in a body bag, it’s a must have this season. Damon eventually broke Enzo’s neck, let Aaron go and went after Elena. He gave her the best Delena speech ever I’m sad Elena just couldn’t hear it. Kat played an extremely good Elena and sent him off in a way that made him even hate himself more. This woke up Damon’s inner demon which teamed up with Enzo and killed Aaron.

But the star of the episode was Katherine Pierce. Kat in Elena’s body was all in. Her lines, her adtittude, everything was working right. The intro with Katherine going all compulsion on Matt to get intel on Elena’s life was funny and entertaining. Even the chemistry with the overprotective Nadia, who doesn’t want to lose her mom again, was just perfect. Katherine setting up Caroline was just so vintage Kat and pure evil. It was all a diversion to escape from the party Matt was throwing for Tyler. Nina again portrayted the transition between Kat and Elena perfectly. And just as you thought Elena will come back and succeed Kat changed her cell’s Pin code and Mia, the travler, finished up the spell and banished Elena from reappearing.

Caroline meanwhile was eaten herself for sleeping with Klaus. She cleaned, she was nervous as hell, she was old school Caroline. The Steroline scene just makes sense, these 2 are a match made in heaven. He just isn’t judging her and that is what she needs. I hope they get together by season end.

ICYMI Aaron got his trust fund and cut of the Augustine organisation, but that won’t mean anything with him being dead now.

ICYMI2 Tyler confessed Matt that Klaus broke him in pieces. He is currently going nowhere but that will probably push him into the right direction.

So I assume Elena is still trapped in her body but can’t resurface, will be interesting to see how they work this mess out and what is the Travlers ultimate goal. I hope Enzo sticks around even though Stefan doesn’t like the effect on his Brother. Vd raised their level and I really enjoyed this instalment so I’m looking forward to next week where we get 2 new characters Liv and Sloan.


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