Reign Review: Ordinary people


Even though Mary said Royals were just like Ordinary people in last night’s new Reign episode tittled “Sacrifice” we got a lot of extraordinary moves by these Ordinary people.

Things start right of with Mary guiding Bash into his royal duties in Henry’s absence. Bash shows that he really doesn’t care for this stuff and that he isn’t used to make decisions and meddle in other peoples lifes. But than a pregnant girl entered the court and Bash got nervous. Right away you saw there was something off and that they kbew each other. After an attempt on Bash’s life, Bash reveals to Mary that Isobel, the pregnant girl, is his cousin( the daughter of his mother half brother/ his uncle). Isobel was put into the plot by Catherine who thought that Isobel was carrying Bash’s bastard but the thing Bash was worried about is that Isobel’s father was killed for being a traitor and if his relation to Bash was discovered Bash wouldn’t be able to become King. Thank good Isobel died after child birth but later on that. Mary and Bash ploted Isobel a way out of the castle but to avoid the guards searching for Isobel they needed to go through the blood woods. There Mary discovered that Bash is related to Pagans. Disbelievers who were on their way to kill someone. Thanks to some awkward prayers by Bash, Isobel and Bash’s new bodyguard the Pagans just killed on of their horses. The overall plot was just a way to deepen the connection between Mary and Bash. Mary first of was shocked by finding out that BSh was related to Pagans, but in a deep speech we find out were Bash true believes lie and that was a way to speak about religion over all the metaphora was really working well and Torance played and excellent part by proving Mary his believes. But that wasn’t even the best of Bash we saw. In the episodes final scene where Mary was putting flowers on Isobel’s grave Bash confessed his love to Mary announcing she will be his only family if the Pope alloqs him to marry her and that all his action will be about her not his country or nation. This speech for sure turned some Frary fans into pure Bash fanatics. Either way I think this Traitor story will eventually stop Bash from marrying Mary, but lets see how things will work out.

The secondary plot of the episode revolved around Catherine, who was still inprisoned by Henry’s after her actions in the last Reign episode. Catheeine is a powerful woman and I love every part of her role. She reads through people, she has great instinct and is so sure that every word she says hurts the people she talks to. May proved to be a strong Queen as she told no servent can enter her cell without Mary’s approval or the approval of her Ladies. After Mary left her Ladies were left of to deal with Catherine. Catherine played rough and thought she had the upper hand in the game but was proven wrong by Anna Popwell’s Lola. Lola is the strongest of Mary’s Ladies. She is smart and beautiful and has the knowledge and vocabular to stand up to Catherine. She and the other ladies put of a strong fight and as it seems they caught Catherine in her own game. The girls won the battle but the war is never over when you battle against Queen Catherine.

MIA Francis couldn’t be found anywhere, sadly. The writers took the easy way out here and let Mash bound without Francis being there to interfeer.

MIA2 Nostradamus. There was no sign of him this week, I guess he is recovering to cover for the girl with the bag over her head.

ICYMI Kenna was officially dropped as the King’s mistress (cause he needs to marry Bash’s mom, if I get it right) so she  degraded to Lady in waiting again!

This was a solid set up for Bash fans who surely enjoyed this episode of Reign. But honestly I’m interested to see how things will work out when Francis returns.


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