Arrow Review: I can’t escape this now, unless U show me how


I think I started to get “Tremors” after watching this weeks episode of Arrow. This was the 12th episode of Arrows sophmore run, we passed the half mark (with this season having 23 episodes ) and the good stuff is apparently just starting to come.

This episode was all about Roy Harper. Oliver really wanted to save hin. To stop things get on the wrong path, on the path Slade went, after getting injected with Mirakuru and loosing Shado. The training was anything but successful cause Roy couldn’t connect to the Arrow because all of the secrets between them. That was a nice move cause we all know Roy was left alone and has to fight on his own. Oliver as Arrow decieded to take him on a mission to stop the Bronze Tiger what completely failed and left them at the start. But at Roy’s mention of Thea they finally started to get somewhere. The 2nd encounter with Bronze Tiger was even worse for Oliver at least before stepped in. The earthquake bomb was about to explode and being in a desperate situation Oliver realized that the only way to get somewhere eith Roy is by revealing himself to him and connect over their love for Thea.

Laurel’s downfall continued and it doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon(okay maybe next week but later on that). I loved her scenes with Quentin, he was really trying to save his daughter. He was an addict and he knows it’s tough to overcome it. Also it must be hard for him not being able to tell Laurel Sara is alive. Laurel really can’t catch a breath. I loved her scene with Oliver, Laurel was funny and sad to watch at the same time. But honestly it was something new and enjoyable. I really think Oliver called Sara to come for her sister.

Moira meanwhile besides being a careful mother to Thea, got involved into the mayor race. After some suggestions from her ex Walter and Thea she went it. She had many doubts but she knew this was the right move. Let’s see how Sebastian Blood will react. But besides Sebastian there is 1 more problem, Thea’s paternity! I completely forgot about that. Seems like Moira wants to kill her OB.

Flashback Island: Got some dramatic scenes with Slade acutually wanting to kill Oliver who was trying to stop him from launching some missles. Oliver really intended to tell Slade the truth but he was to young to face these demons. But he decieded to play the love card what just like in Roy’s case worked and made Slade calm down. Next in store is a mission to abduct the boat and get the hell off the island.

ICYMI we got a DC refference with Amanda Walters appearing wanting to hire Bronze Tiger for a (Suicide) Squad she is building.

ICYMI2 Felicity got some smoaking one liners, love that girl. The writers put the breaks on Olicity just giving us glimpses of their awesome chemistry, but for how long? With Sara and Helena coming back, Laurel being the show’s damsel in destress is there place for Felicity at all?

This was an action filled episode that left us hanging for next week. Can’t wait! Arrow, B.Canary and Nyssa al Ghul. According to the preview Nyssa is bad as* fighter/psycho and seems to be Sara’s Ex? Bring it on Arrow, bring it on!


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