American Horor Story Review: Surviving eternity


And we’re done!!! American Horor Story finished it’s 3rd season run with a pretty solid final episode. We got a new supreme, people were turned into dust, others died and cameback and others weren’t really dead but died in the proces. Let’s break things apart, candidate by candidate.

Misty Day. She was the first one to fail. Misty and the other girls succeeding in performing telekenisis and mind control. The mind control was really funny to watch with Misty making Queenie hit herself and Madison and Zoe using Kyle as their puppet to prove each other dominance. But Misty failed to comeback from her personal hell. Interesting enough she was stuck in killing and bringing a frog back to life. I was really sad as Misty’s body turned into dust and Cordelia crying over her body made me tear up a bit.

Zoe was following the girls power after power. But in a playful moment of transmutation(ability to teleport), she gets herself stabbed on the gate, so she gets pulled out of the race by the fact of being dead. With Zoe being the one with whom the story started I thought she would be the supreme. I love Taissa but they really didn’t give her time to shine after bringing Kyle back to life. And Kyle was overall a missed oppurtunity, Evan proved last season that he can be so much more.

Queenie failed in the attempt of bringing Zoe back and got kicked out pf the race for Miss Supreme. I really hope Gabourey Sidibe comes back for a new AHS season. She provided plenty laughs and interesting developments along the season.

Madison as the last standing girl thought she was already promted to be the supreme but couldn’t succeed against Cordelia who surprisingly entered the race. She wasn’t able to perform her last wonder, find something owned by one of the previous supremes. Eventually Kyle killed Madison for not bringing Zoe back to life, even though she was able to by bringing back a fly. I really thought she loved Kyle as she said in her dying moments. Her death gave Spalding a last creepy oppurtunity to appear. I honestly was impressed by Emma Roberts performance all over the season. She really got that spark and I can see her doing bigger things in her career.

Cordelia was eventually crowned the new Supreme. After being desperate that Madison is going to be the new supreme Myrtle pushed Cordelia to enter the Race for the new Supreme. After a truly inspiring heart to heart with Myrtle, Cordelia greed to participate in the 7 wonders process. Sarah Paulson was extrordinary over the whole season and honestly her character (Cordelia) had the best development. I’m really glad she raised to the occasion and reigned over the Coven like no one before her. She got a on live Television encouraging extrodrinary young girls to enter her school and except who they are just like she did. The Tv interview brought back “Asylum” feelings as Sarah Paulson was givin an interview in the season final of Asylum as well. Her final scene with Fiona was brilliant. Ryan Murphy really knows how to bring out the best in Jessica nad Paula and I knew Jessica would appear in the last episode no matter what she is the star of the show. Fiona inserting fake memories into the Axeman’s mind was move wordy of a supreme, Fiona’s dying scene was just so honest. And the final twist of being trapped for all eternity with the Axeman was the real Horor.

And with the Coven opening their doors for new recruits, we are closing this American Horor Story chapter. Coven had it’s good moments and even though I am a bit disappointed with the season in general I’m happy with the way things ended.


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