The Originals Review: Dance Papa Tunde, Die Papa Tunde


I was really exciting for the new The Originals episode and “Dance Back From the Grave” started a completely new chapter and introduced secrets and some forces to be reckoned with.

Papa Tunde aka Alphonz Bellatunde Delgallo was the first of the 4 resurrected witches to start his mission against the Originals. He proved to be a powerful witch who besides using ancestral magic practices Sacrificial magic aswell. This type of magic allows him to chanel the energy of his victims for his good. It was interesting to see Klaus manipulate against him back in the late 1910’s In the late 1910’s Klaus succeeded to defeat him after killing his sons from whom he chanelled energy but this time around Papa Tunde was smarter and went first for some low lifes and Rebekah gaining enough magic to face of Klaus. After tacking down Rebekah Papa Tunde went for Marcel, who was drovning his pain of loosing Davina while drinking with Cami. It was interesting to see Papa Tunde literally destroying Klaus who would’ve been sacrificed if Elijah and Hayley weren’t on a mission to save Rebekah. After escaping, Papa Tunde continued his mission to gather energy and harvested all the Vampires from Marcel’s garden gaining enough power to kill an Original. At elast that was Papa Tunde saying before he was purposely sacrificed by Celeste.

It was nice to see Cami and Marcel sharing scenes. Missed their chemistry from the first couple of episodes. Love that they bonded and that Cami was giving her blood to Marcel even though Klaus wasn’t happy with it. I really can’t wait for Caroline to stop by New Orleans and meet Cami. Her reaction will probably be hilarious.

Along the way Marcel’s and Rebekah’s big secret was revealed it was them who summoned Mikael(Original dad) to New Orleans back in the 1910’s after Marcel’s plan to sent off Klaus with Papa Tunde failed. And guess who was helping them? The redheaded resurrcted witch.

Elijah and Hayley continued to play their pull and push game but Elijah was hit hard with some of Rebekah’s comments about his feeling for Hayley will destroy their family.

Sophie was semi benched this week. She had some moments here and there but at the end it seems she will come back strong after realizing that Papa Tunde was brought back with the Harvest magic.

It will be nice to see what Celeste/Sabine wants? Revenge? Love? Will Davina and the other girls come back or just Davina? The Originals are the best new candy this season, can’t wait to see them go further!


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