Pretty Little Liars Review: Dead girls can’t smile


“Bite your tongue” finally gave us some revelations making the story progress and left us hanging, eager to see what happens next week.

Hanna: Quite the dude magnet!!! I mean she is a beautiful girl and getting hunt down by charming boys is just what she needs to get over Caleb. Her becoming the Sherlock Holmes of Rosewood was really funny. The other liars telling her to stop reading was just hilarious. But Hanna is a stuborn girl nothing will make her stop now. The dentist thing was really smart, I was honestly surprised.

Emily: Was still pissed because Spencer interupted her meeting with Ally. Besides that she was overly pissed that Aria and Hanna weren’t supporting her. All thaf frustration made her overly paranoid. Her father noticed that and confied about it with Mr. Fitz resulting with an “A” attack but later on that.

Spencer: Drugs? Really Spencer? Drugs? I mean it weren’t drugs per say but she took some pills to improve her skills and make her work through the nights. Spencer was still working through Ally’s diary at least the pictures she took(before “A” screwing with them) and found out about a bar where Ally and a mysterious man were meeting. At the bar she runs into Ezra who was eating the pie Ally talked about in her diary. But her suspicion got raised as she realized that the Ezra ordered a beer as well just like the guy in the diary. Now that wasn’t a real flashback it could’ve been Ally’s imagination for all we know. But looking at the promo for next week Spencer will investigate it and that could lead to a break down aswell.

Aria: She was a completely mess last night. After finding out that her brother Mike and Mona were dating, she went all Gaga trying to stop them connect even more. She even talked to the discussion mentor Jesse( played by Charmed’s Wes Ramsey). The two of them established a connection and knowing Aria she loves to fall for “older” guys letvs see how he will fit into the story. And if that wasn’t enough she had to play the protector of her boyfriends feelings by assulting Maggie. I mean Maggie become the tramp of the season after lying about Malcom being Ezra’s son but Aria had no right to call her out on it.

Team “A”: The “A’s” were going for it again. After playing it pretty smooth over the first couple of episodes back this week they went for Hanna who was snooping at the dentists office leaving a message for the Liars in her mouth: “Dead Girls can’t Smile”. Emily was a victim as well cause, “A”/Ezra got intel into her nervous state and hunted her down at the school. Enily got saved by her Dad and found out her Dad had a heart condition.


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