Cougar Town Review: chEllie, Pervert cakes and Pirates


“The trip to Pirate’s cove” was the funniest episode of Cougar Town’s season 5 and I enjoyed every single part of it. Our adorable Cougars got into interesting storylines while the Buccaneer week was happening all over Gulfhaven.

Andy had a lot of things going on as the mayor, Buccaneer week had to be perfect so he wouldn’t lose the job( we almost forgot he is the mayor). It’s interesting to see Andy struggle with his jos especially when Bobby interfeers. Things got messy as Bobby got attacked by a Jellyfish. I thought it will be the usual story of Bobby rushing to the city forcing Andy to pee on it. But the writers put a turn on it and made Gulfhaven panic after Bobby statement that there is a huge Jellyfish in the ocean. And after Bobby overhears a talk between Andy and the ex Mayor(via walky talky) a rift breaks between the friends. But eventually Andy steps up to protect their friendship and goes with Bobby into the ocean to prove there are Jellyfishes. I mean thes 2 are hilarious together. You have to love them.

But Bobby wasn’t the only problem Andy had this week. He needed Ellie to play of her cheerful side, this side of Ellie didn’t surfaced for 10 years. Even Jules was surprised to hear she excists. Jules was completely thrown of by chEllie, as she calls her friends alter ego. Jules fall in love and it was adorable to see her pine over chEllie, whos only purpose was to charm some high society women of Gulfhaven. Ellie being Ellie got pretty bored by playing nice and intended to stop ASAP but as realizing Jules was into Chellie she got into her usual passive agressive mad state. Again our bffs made up and Ellie decided to be Chellie only when talking to Jules.

The highlight of the episode for sure was poor Laurie, her dream of being a cake shef got blast into tiny pieces cause of slow buisness. She went so low that she had to start bake pervert cakes for Gulfhaven’s cream the la cream(headlined by doctor Tom). There were so many great moments including the women asking for a birthday cake for her husband with a her on it only 3 months more pregnant. ___________ I was speechless when she asked for a black women on it too. Eventually Laurie couldn’t handle the perversion anymore and quit baking the cakes. But as it seems she got enough money to continue her work for some time.

Grayson was in the epsiode as well and he walked through all 3 main storylines with some hilarious huligan imitations and awkward attempts of being funny.

As I said earlier the best episode of the season. If this is what we are getting from now on I can’t wait for an other dose of Cougar Town.


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