The Following Review: The Devil always comes in Pairs


After last weeks 2nd season premier I was thrilled for the next instalment of The Following. “For Joe” delivered strongly in character and story development.

While Ryan was still hunting after Joe, our main antagonist was enjoying his life on his own. He lived in disguised with his new girlfriend, Judy operating missions from a farm coutage far away. Joe build a life for himself with Judy and her adoptive daughter, Mandy. You can tell what you want but Joe cares for most of his followers especially his female ones. Mandy was curious were the source of Joe’s disturbance lays, she represents a Tv viewer. She asked all the questions a ordinary viewer would ask. The reverent was a victim from the moment he appeared, him being a pervert just was to convinient. It will be interesting to see how this situation will resolve, will Judy, played by True Blood’s Carrie Preston, be happy about Joe killing her best customer infront of her daughther?

The Twins meanwhile continued their disturbed game, killing a family and playing Family dinner afterwards. Sam Underwood is creeping the shit out of me which means he is playing the roles of Marc and Luke perfectly. And those Joe Carol masks unbelievable how disturbing they are. Them going after Lily Gray, the victim who survived the train attack, just to push Ryan’s buttons was a great move, either way I’m still not convinced she isn’t a follower. It was nice to see Ryan get a win here but I felt for him as Weston cut him of.

I’m sad that Jessica Stroup aka Max Hardy isn’t getting that much focus here. Her scenes with Ryan are nice but I want more for her, she can do a lot better. Emma is benched aswell but I was completely surprised she didn’t know Joe was alive.

The episode lived up to the season 2 premier and this game of chess seems more intruinging than the one in season 1. But season 1 was holding strong till ep 5 or 6, the issue is dthat the writers loose themself in their stories and jump over to too much fiction. But about that I will worry as it comes, for now I’ll enjoy in upcoming ep were Emma starts to play the game as well.


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