Teen Wolf Review: Out of the Shadows


And we got “Illuminated”. The 16th Season 3 outing of Teen Wolf was filled with naked bodies and shadow Ninjas walking all around the town.

I was impressed, Lydia walked out of her shallow self and tried to grow as a human being. And first thing on her to do list is kicking the killer twin wolf out of her life(bed). But her Twin wouldn’t give up so he helped organize a Rave at Derek’s place. At the Rave, Lydia got all Banshee again and started sensing Ninjas at the apartment. Who apparently are after all Wolf bitten creatures! After Isaac, Derek and Ethan, Lydia was their 4th victim. As it seems they are hypnotizing them or something?

Kira & Scott continued to bond after she told him about the weird aura thing going on with her. As it seems Kira is followed by an Illuminating aura which shows up only in picture taken with a flash. After breaking into the police station to erase pics from her phone, Scott invited Kira to the Rave. Their chemistry was all over the place but at the Rave Alison appeared and things got uncomfortable as both of them stepped away. But that wasn’t the end of it as Scott saw Kira’s aura as he turned on his red light wolf vision, he saw desribed it as a Fox aura. It will be interesting to see if Kira can turn and how she’ll react after seeing Scott turn?

Stilles finally got some action on his own, by hooking up with a drunk bisexual classmate. I was really happ fr Stilles cause he needed a break but I was disapointed that after some kissing his over analyzing mind killed it and he left the party for a new clue. He realized he was the messenger that made the Fly guy go after Kira. The big question is who is manipulating with Stilles and why?

While we are at the topic we should mention Isaac and Alison, who finally went for it or at least tried to hook up, till Alison realized his new tatoo left by the Shadow Ninja’s.

ICYMI Alison’s dad had pieces of a ninja mask indicating he was one or encountered one before. Eventually after he asked Alison and Isaac to keep quite about the attack, he came home beaten up tottaly bloody.

A reversed 5?? At the end it made sense cause the Shodows marked 5 people, the Twins, Lydia, Derek and Isaac. It will be interesting to see the story behind these Ninjas? Are they after Kira too? Why did Stilles leave that message on the board?


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