Intelligence Review: Personal Files


“Secrets of the Secret Service” was the 4th instalment out of Intelligence’s freshman run and honestly it put things back on track. Not to get me wrong the whole Amelia storyline, was nice to introduce Gabriel’s character motives and etc, but I do not like 1 man shows. It’s okay to have a lead character but without developing the other cast members it’s just boring. Arrow is the best example.

Things got heated up as two “journalists” got imprisoned and threatened to be executed in Syria. Gabriel, Riley and Chris Jameson (played by the barely seen cast member Michael Rady). As the trio started their mission we got intel into Riley’s Secret Service past and a glimpse of her ex boyfriend Charlie Griffin. A pretty snobish agent, who calls Riley by the nick of Thriller. BTW Chris was shown as a pretty pushy character in serious need of attention. But let’s see if we get more intel on his character as it goes. Back to the mission as Gabriel & co succesfully infiltrate the  base where the journalists are held. Gabriel is a step away from rescuing them when the female journalist confess to him that they are CIA Agents and won’t leave the mission. That puts Gabriel,Riley and Chris on her mission to find a scientist. First of they search without any parameters but Gabriel’s skills help them to identify the scientist Susan. 

After Riley convinces Susan to follow them they went to save her daughter, Farrah. Again Riley’s skills are presented and she is a hell of a agent. And even though they completed the mission, Gabriel won’t leave without the CIA agents. So pimped up with sunglasses Gabriel, Riley & her ex Griffin went to rescue the female agent. The mission was successful. But that wasn’t where things ended cause Emily, the female CIA agent, tried to kill Susan, cause that was her real mission. Of course tonights MVP, Riley Neal saved the day.

In other news Marg Hellenberg’s Lillian got in trouble cause of Gabriel’s adtittude and got a supervisor in the form of the stunning Lance Reddick. Before this went down Lance’s character dropped Lillian’s father into a conversation. So what type of character should you be to raise a deeply distant Lillian. 

Solid instalment, we skipped the high Gabriel focus and we survived an other week without Josh taking his shirt off.


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