How I met your Mother Review: 63 days until We meet again

How Your Mother Met Me_595_slogo

“How your mother met Me” was the 200th episode of How I met your Mother and it was a perfect dedication to the Mother. We got inside news of how the mother stayed single for so long and why she and Ted are a match made in heaven.

The “meeting” wasn’t quite the meet and great we all hoped for but even before they met face to face they got a great connection going in. Everything starts on the mother’s 21th birthday(aka the day the whole show started) with the mother’s current boyfriend dying while she was waiting for him in a bar across town named MacLaren’s aswell. The death of her current boyfriend made the mother close up and stop dating for whole 2 years. Than we got to the famous St.Patrick day where The Mother went out with a friend a met an old aquaintance of her and Us for that matter, the Naked man. She knew him and invited to her apartment. The Naked man tried to hook up with the Mother via his famous trick but the mother wasn’t really into that and after realizing she forgot her yellow umbrella she run out. Leaving The Naked man hook up with The Mother’s hot friend. After that we flashed forward to the season 5 premier where the mother saw Ted for the very first time. It was that imbarissing mistake that led Ted enter the wrong class room and indirectly meet the Mother for the first time. Besides that we meet Cindy, the mothers future roomate and Ted’s 100th episode love interest. These 2 had great chemistry and funny interactions across the episode. After Ted broke up with Cindy, the Mom tried to comfort her what ended with Cindy kissing the Mother. Awkwardly hot, Rachel Bilson is so hot as a Lesbian. Than we flashforward to the mother meeting her current boyfriend, Louis. She likes him but we witness that she isn’t really in love with him. After spending the first day of the wedding weekend at Louis’s coutage near the Farahampton In, Louis surprises the mother by proposing her. The mother said No and ended up in the room next to Ted’s, singing La vie en Rose and making my heart tear a part a bit.

Cristin Milioti delivered a great performance tonight, she was a ray of sunshine. She was charming, she was hurt, she was honest, she was brave and had some great one liners across this half hour instalment. This doe-eye beauty is just the perfect match for our awkward kind hearted Ted.

This wasn’t the funniest HIMYM episode, but after the episode with Ted’s speech from last season the most emotional one. The countdown started, 63 days till Ted & The Mother meet again in the 1 hour final on March 31st. Meanwhile the episode finiahes with a drunk Barney disappearing. Seems like we get a cold feet episode.


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