Hart of Dixie Review: Leaving Bluebell

One More Last Chance

“One more last Chance” was full of twist and turns, unexpected and rushed developments but no matter what with Hod your always in for plenty laughs.

This week Lavon was still on a mission to save Bluebell from getting merged, Bluebell’s last chance was to get historic landmark status. So all of Bluebell’s inhibitants worked out a weird performance to impress Governor, so he would sign the papers to save Bluebell. Even though the moments were really silly Bluebell’s charm would make anyone fall in love with it. But dark clouds were raising as Shelby recognized the Governor as her baby daddy’s father. First of she wouldn’t even leave the house to stay safe but after some pushing from AnnaBeth Shelby stepped up and crashed a meeting between the Governor, Lavon and ABeth destroying all chances of stopping the merger from happening. But even after dealing with the Shelby mess and convincing her to leave Bluebell with him the Governor stopped by the Rammer Jammer and signed the papers. With all the buzz created over the merger the finish was pretty underwhelming. I must say I’m sad Shelby left hopefully she’ll comeback for a cameo or so.

Zoe and Joel were still on a search for a home in Bluebell. The 2 of them couldn’t come to an agreement so things got only worse as Little Harley put a worm into their argument causing them to leash out on each other and crash Wade’s and Vivian’s date. Wade interstingly didn’t got a chance to seal the deal with Vivian, mostly cause of little Harley not liking his mothers new beau. So Wade and Zoey decided to help each other, while Zoey would talk Wade good to Harley, Wade would convince Zoe’s Aunt(who dislikes her for being a New Yorker) to rent her beutiful house to her wonderful niece. Both plans backfired as Wade lost Harley’s lizard pet and Zoe took the fall for it infront of the aunt, who already hates her, resulting in Zoe loose any chance of renting the house. But Joel stepped up and put his issues aside bought a house he initial disliked for him and his girl. I really don’t get the whole Joel hate the fanbase produces. He is an awesome guy, he respects and loves Zoe and that should be enough. I believe that Zade is end game but let’s wait till both are emotionally ready for it.

George and Lynly had issues on their own. After Lynly burned Tansy’s hair the rift between George and his girl grew bigger and bigger. Eventually both of them realized that they won’t be able to fix their issues so they decieded to break up, this resulted in Lynly leaving the city. Yay for this one!

It was a interesting episode with some nice developments but I overall felt in unsetteling and unfinished. Something was just missing.


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