Dream Cast: A Charming Remake, Reboot or Whatever

I think after the news of ABCdeveloping Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., CBS announcing a possible Charned remake was the biggest TV buzz of the last year. Even though we just got the announcment of a pilot script order made things heated up rather quickly. At this time CBS didn’t announce any Pilot orders but it will probably happen till the end of the week.
Fans were Torn. On one side they wanted their favorite show back on their small screens, on the other hand they didn’t want for the Charmed legacy to be ruined. Charmed aired for full 8 season, and still holds the record for the  longest running show with an all female main cast.
I was Torn as well, Charmed was the first show I really liked and got addicted to. The story of these 3 sisters was a breakthrough, their chemistry, heartbreak, kickas* potions and spells were just working. After some thinking I’m more into a new show, with Charmed based mythology. It would certainly be something new and fans would easier relate to the show.
But nobody is asking me(or is someone) so I’ll give you my suggestions  for a reBoot featuring the 4 sisters, Leo and Cole.

And even though this is a show featuring Female leads, I’ll give some suggestions for male versions of the girls( just to be sure if the writers pull of a stunt and twist things


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