The Vampire Diaries Review: She was just a Girl


“500 years of Solitude” was the 100th episode of The Vampire Diaries and overall an intertaining outing. The writers provided solid developments, comeback of some VD all-stars and some push over twists we really didn’t saw coming or did we?

The episode was following the day right after the midseason final with Katherine’s health getting worse with no possibility of surviving. As she was dying she started remembering the worst days of her life, it were mostly known flashbacks. But there was a happy one for Ms Petrova as well, the newest one was a Kathrine related Steferine moment. It was the first time Katherine saw Stefan, she in company of Emily Benett (nice touch) were just arriving in Mystic falls and she was just infatuated. This was something like the season 3 final scene were Damon and Elena met before Elena and Stefan. It was love at first sight for Katherine and as it seems that’s this love is the only thing pushing her forward now. I was really surprised that Damon spent so much time with Katherine in this episode. The way that Damon played with Katherine’s mind was just tremendous. Entering her mind and bringing Jenna, John and Elijah to tease her was just awesome and a great way to see them back. Especially Revenge Jenna who usually is so calm. No matter on what terms they currently are but Damon-Katherine scenes are always entertaining. As the episode progressed I was really starting to feel for Katherine, her scene with Nadia was really powerful and I trully bought it. The moment when Stefan altered her memories of her dying family was just a nice move and made Stefan even a greater hero than he already is.

And while Katherine was dying, Nadia was doing everything to save her. Nadia needed Travler and the Travler needed doppelganger blood, so she kidnapped Matt and put him into Stefan’s security safe. Her condition to free him, she needs the groups help. She set up Stefan and Elena into a Travler trap. During their captivity Elena and Stefan had some solid moments and rekinddled their chemistry. Curently I’m not a Stelena fan (she doesn’t deserves him) but I adore their onscreen chemistry. Perfect.

While Matt got saved by Rebekah, Caroline had some intense moments with Klaus. After playing around their feelings for about 5-10 minutes, Klaus made the offer of his life. If Caroline will be one time honest with him, he will leave town and never comeback. Caroline said yes and a hot hook up finally happened. Caro is in a bad place, Tyler hurt her, Jesse died, Stefan hooked up with Katherine, Elena got Damon, Bonnie Jeremy. She is alone she needed someone to love her, someone to be there just for her. I give her this one.

And as the episode got close to conclusion we enjoyed Tyler coming back (by Rebekah’s grace), Vicki and Alaric returning via ghost talk with our anchor and ghost whisperer Jeremy. Than Bonnie saw Kathrine, but as she saw everyone glothing over her death she decieded she doesn’t want to die and cameback. Even though I really think the plan was set up from early on as there was a weird moment while Kathrine was giving Nadia the speech. Back to the plan, Elena came back to say goodbye to her doppelganger self. Elena being Elena said Katherine she forgives her and a really deep scene between the doppelgangers happened. Elena with Stefan’s help realized that She was just a Girl. And when you least expect it Katherine grabs Elena says the Travler spell and enters her body. BOOM!!!! After a short black out Elena awakes by a phone ringing: I’m Katherine Pierce, I survive!.

Overall a really interesting episode, Katherine entering Elena’s body was a cheap move I hoped for someone else to get to play a double role. I think this episode set a nice premise to the rest of the season. Let’s see were we are headed.


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