Reign Review: A Mash forced upon Us


WOOOOW ! Reign finally came back after a spectacular midseason and “For King and Country” was an interesting episode keeping the development and interactions on a high level. I mean every 3-4 minutes I was screaming: “WOW, what the hell is going on?”

Mary and Bash were on a run, as it seems a whole week aka in 16th century France time around a minute. I see here a missed opportunity to develop the Mash relationship, so many people are looking forward to. But Mash fans weren’t disappointed at all when this episode of Reign concluded. Only a week was needed for the Kings army to smart out Mary and Bash and capture Bash for treason soon to be executed. Mary on her behalf came back to the court to protect Bash. She had to face the king. And how furious he was! Today’s brilliant performance by kong Henry( played by Alan van Sprang) was intense powerful and manipulitive. He played an interesting games of Politics against Mary still trying to force and take the English court. Mary was totally opposite to this until she got a notice from her mother stating that Mary will take on the English court. Seeing no other way Mary conducted a game changer of her own. Yes she will marry one of Henry’s sons but it will be Sebastian. Henry was recultant to idea, but as he saw that Mary doesn’t care about her reputation and that she will do only the things she accords to he gave in and accepted this.

But with these actions Mary has grown her self the biggest nemessis ever, Catherine de Medici. Catherine determined to prevent Mary from marrying Francis and make Francis become King isn’t backing down in this war. She attempted to kill Mary before Henry agreed to the deal with Mary. But Henry out smarted her and imprisoned her before she escaped the castle. Either way Catherine won’t give up she will plot until she dies or better said till she got any power or alliances.

The loser of the night defineatly was Francis. He is so in love with Mary that he is completely blind to her actions. His infatuation with Mary proves to be a great weakness, what indicates that this Francis won’t be such a great ruler. His heart was broken multiple times last night and the complete devastation happened after he found out that Mary will marry his brother. The brother that is better in everything he does, the person who wakes the most self doubt in Francis will marry his beautiful Mary. But still Toby Regbo while playing Francis proved a undefeatable passion and optimism. Let’s see haw long it will last.

Clarissa meanwhile got punished by Nostradamus for killing Aylee. Clarissa wasn’t that happy about that so she stebbed him with a kitchen knife. Go gurl. I didn’t know they cast Katie Bogland for the role. Nice choice. She even resembles Mary. Could be in for some interesting twists.

There is still time for Francis and Mary to reconcile, Bash has to be declared Legit by the Pope. And how will Mary coup with Francis being so close but so far? And what influenze to the story will have Mary’s mom ( coming soon and played by Amy Brenneman). Ohhhhh next week seems to far away!


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