The Vampire Diaries: 100th Episode prediction


As we are just a few hours away from the 100th VD episode. It’s a milestone and even though it’s just episode 100th it feels like it’s the 300th one. So many things happened, so many hearts were broken, ripped out, heads decapitated, blood sucked, blood spilled, supernatural beings sacrificed etc etc.

Spoilers are going on and brag pretty much how big this episode is and that major many twists are coming our way. So as I’m breaking my head over it what is going to happen I will toss out some silly predictions here:

-Katherine will survive for sure, with help of travler magic but the host will be a pretty big surprise. Someone pretty random like Matt, Bonnie, Jeremy.

-If this traveler spell malfunctions, Katherine will stay alive via Elena’s blood and she will need it to survive.

-Nadia’s dad will be revealed. And we might get a flashback with young Nadia and Elijah?

-A flashback will reveal some unseen Steferine moment.

-Katherine and Aunt Jenna will share a moment.

-Caroline will hook up with Klaus upon his return to say bye to Katherine.

-Matt will be a travler. It will be revealed he is a Salvatore. Mama Donovan was a nasty one.

Some of these predictions a based on pure imagination some on based spoilers crusing. I hope at least some come true. Enjoy the airing starting in exactly 4 hours.


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