Modern Family Review: This is why all your friends move away


As the episode title says we got to attend “Three dinners” ! It was a really strong episode with plenty laughs and so many guest stars. I really love to see all this new faces coming by.

Phil and Clair were passive agressivly trying to push Haley to a better future. While they were thinking she is just lazy all around she was starting her own blog, and getting money for telling people what to wear.  There were some hilarious moments especially with Phil and Clair trying to be the cool parents and buy her daughter drinks. The moment Haley used reversed psychology to get Phil and Clair of her trail was fantastic.

Jay and Gloria were having dinner with Shorty and his high tone wife. After hearing that them decided to move, Jay got into bitch mode. He and Shorty got into a fight resulting with Shorty leaving the  dinner. Afterwards Gloria and Manny started messing with Jay, who got pretty defensive. But after  some thinking Jay put his Alpha Male mask to the side and reconciled with Shorty. A really sweet Jay moment.

The best part of the episode was Mitchell’s and Cam’s dinner. First of the couple preocuppied with their wedding really hadn’t nothing to talk about. The awkwardness was eating up the athmosphere, till they introduced themself to the couple sitting the table next to them. It was a straight copy of the 2 of them, the couples instantly clicked making Cam and Mitchell enjoying their evening again. Then they found out that Bryan was going to propose and the couple decieded to help. After the proposal was rejected they tried to help again, what resulted with more awkward moments and plenty laughs.

An exellent episode really enjoyed every aspect of it, 5th February can’t come soon enough.


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