Arrow Review: A Bloody Set Up


Last nights epsiode, was interesting on different levels. The writers intended to switch the focus towards Laurel, after neglecting her for most of the season, but the transiton wasn’t that smooth at all. Besides the positive Laurel focus, digged into Sara feelings pre boat wreck and Roy’s pist Mirakuru issues as well.

Laurel continued her hunt fir the truth about Sebastian Blood and after she realized she was at an dead end. With the help of her dad she contacted the Arrow and the 2 of them started a mission to prove Sebastian is guilty. Oliver wasn’t really convinced into Laurel’s assunption but went for it, cause it’s Laurel. After a failed mission to get some information on Sebastian killing his father( Sebastian meanwhile killed his Mom aswell). But Slade got the files before Laurel and The Arrow, saving Sebastian along the way. But nothing comes free with Slade, so Sebastian had to step up his game. Sebastian first set her up with drug posetion charges. An imprisioned Laurel got some help from Oliver and they shared a moment at her apartment. Oliver knows her, he knows that she didn’t healed after Tommy’s death. And he really wants to help her, but she needs to let him. Afterwards Sebastian kidnapped Laurel. The kidnapping was a set up to get Laurel from Sebastian’s trail. Sebastian made a cop mask as him and attack Laurel, the Arrow appeared and after an interesting fight Laurel had to kill the man under the mask. After it was revealed that the cop was under the mask, some thing fall in the right place and now everyone is of Sebastian’s trail. But Master Slade wasn’t happy and thought him a lesson by killing his bodyguards letting him know that if he fails him again he will die. I mean Laurel played her part well, feeling left out, loosing everything, following her heart, her instinct. But people let her down too easily, making all about the drogs, not checkig the facts. I would think twice if I was in Oliver’s place. But they were set up and it’s logical that everyone stepped down with it. It will be nice to see how everyone reacts when it comes out that Laurel was right.

Besides Laurel’s downfall, we got some focus on our Red hooded friend Roy. Roy was starting to accept his new gained power and with the help of ex-Black Canary helper, Sin, he was starting his hunt for the bad guys. The silly thing is that Roy thinks that a bit of new gained strength was enough to become a vigilante/hero/whatever. That of course back fired with Roy being unable to control his anger so he almost punched a low life to death and tossed Sin across a parking lot. Besides this he and Thea crashed cause he wasn’t honest. I know he wants to protect her but this isn’t the way how it works with Thea. She will stop believing him when he  becomes ready to share. I like that Arrow/Oliver  approached Roy. Will be interesting to see them interact next week. I really hope Thea will get focus on her own, cause it seems she is going to follow Laurel’s steps.

The island story wasn’t progressing too much this week. We only got intel into Sara’s past feelings for Oliver, she had a huge crash on him before he even got together with Laurel and Laurel knew it. Some romantic Island moments made Sara decied she will stick with Oliver and let dr. Ivo go. He on the other hand promissed he will kill them both. 

Next week seems to be all around Roy-Arrow, I really hope Oliver tells him the truth about him and they bound more. I would love to see a rehab struggling Laurel and Thea get soem development on her own. Hope this slow run doesn’t effect the raitings to much. 


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