American Horor Story Review: The Demise of Fiona, hated Supreme and Mother


The pneultimate episode of this AHS season was probably one of the best in the season. “Going To Hell” got back to it’s usual groove.

Papa Legba is my favorite addition this year. He is really scary, he has that passive powerful thing going on. He is powerful but not consumed by the power or prove his powers to anyone. The story around LaLaurie finally worked. LaLaurie torturing Marie and taking over the house guide’s job really suited the character they introduced in the flashbacks. The backstory from last week fitted really in today’s development. Queenie going after her and wanting to reconnect was sweet. But Queenie isn’t that naive she tried and as it didn’t work she killed LaLaurie or at least she tried. The final touch to LaLaurie gave Marie with the help of Legba. It seems like this chapter is clossed.

Cordelia finally stepped up her game. Sarah Paulson was the one who was most convincing in her development and desperation. The scene between her and Fiona was probably the most emotional of the season. Fiona reminded Cordelia that she is powerful on her own. Not Supreme powerful but the clostest to it. Her premonition was true horor and I can’t wait fo the witch blow out for the Supreme position. Finally someone else shared a scene with the Axeman and it was a powerful one. Which apparently lead to the Axeman killing Fiona.

The amazing Misty Day finally come back and kicked the devil out of Madisons ass. That is what I expected from this season all along. Girls going all over each other. It was great to see Zoe and Kyle back. Zoe assumes she is the new supreme cause she resurected one of Kyle’s victims.

Jessica Lange’s Fiona was once again a master piece. Her character all over was perfect. That powerful witch who is so powerfull that she can’t coup with the fact she will die was a great way to premise the season. Her death felt a bit anticlimatic but a passion crime for a person who barely felt anything, Nice Solution.

Honestly this felt like a season final with so many things put to an end. But I’m now interested to see what Ryan Murphy will do so the final would be special, especially with our 3 leading ladies gone.


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