The Originals Review: Do you Believe in the Harvest?


“Après Moi, Le Déluge” or what google translate would say After Me, the Flood was the eleventh instalment of The Originals and it brought a flood of development and emotions. At the end everyone was asking: *o you believe in the Harvest?

From the momet the episode starteDavina was all over the place, the magic she absorbed was starting to kill her and the town . I loved they introduced the 4 elements to come over Davina and the city. The earthquake, the wind, the flood all was in perfect sync as it came upon New Orleans, we got even a glimpse of fire. The moment when Davina started vomiting dirt I knew this would be a great episode. And while everyone were determined to kill Davina, Marcel wouldn’t give up. But after a beautiful speech by firt Rebekah and than Davina, Marcel was forced into believing the Harvest ritual would work and resurrect the chosen ones. After many dificulties Sophie became an elder by burring no other than the Original Mother with the help of her dead and alive bloodline. Sophie finally got some nice moments and got the oppurtunity to complete the harvest. She completed the ritual but wasn’t able to bring Monic, Davina and the other girls back.

Of course the shining star of the episode was non other than Elijah, his believes in what’s right and the way he acts on his believes makes him just a force of development in every episode he doesn’t is dying from a werewolf bite. The way he talked to Hayley after her confession was just stunning, it were the perfect lines with perfect momentum and those sad little puppy eyes they really seem to run in the Original family. But Hayley wasn’t just there to listen, I’m glad they stepped away from the dumb bimbo from season 4 of the Vampire diaries and we got this strong potent werewolf girl who knows what she wants and she goes for it. Her saying Elijah that she isn’t living for the death was a nice peace of writing, the almost kiss we enjoyned was so much better  than them really kissing.  But Hayley wasn’t the only girl Elijah conected with he and Sabine had a moment but later on I will tell you why there is chemistry. 

Tonight I really enjoyed in the interaction between Hayley and Klaus, I mean it’s sweet the way they play around each other and how we get small hints of chemistry now and than. I’m surprised by the way the writers forgot about Klaus pack, I hope we come back to that soon. And when all the events calmed down Klaus and Rebekah were drinking a bit and Rebekah asked the question of the evening:  What about the Power? The power of the Harvest should resurect 4 young witches instead it resurected the elder who conducted the Harvest, Bastiana, a stunning red head and a fine dressed black man and all that with the help of Sabine or better said Celeste.  As we find out Celest is living in Sabine’s body for at least one year. And why? I think it’s connected to our baby Prince and Sabines/Celestes premonition.

The Originals conlcluded an awesome chapter of their story and I see us entering a tough new one. The writers never stop surprising us with new shocking developments. And every new episode is an invite for the next one!



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