Pretty Little Liars Review: Slow is the new black


The 16th episode of season 4, Close Encounters, let one of our Liars encounter Ali while there was a lot of not-“A” buisness going on. But as always the real answers and development were hiding in an other episode.

Aria: This week she was making all the wrong decisions, at least from our POV, but even though she doesn’t know about his “A” connection Ezra is the wrong choice. But Aria was determined to break things of with the more than handsome Jake to be with the forbidden Ezra.  But Jake was able to grain of doubt as she was returning his gift to her. Even though Ezra had the perfect excuse, I don’t think Aria is all in.

Hanna: Hanna was more or less benched this week. She flirted a bit with Trevis and they made out while she was processing the break up by with Caleb. Even though the plate smashing was reall funny, I hope she gets some men free focus back with the upcoming episodes(remember these girls have to go to college one day) .

Spencer: I liked you so much better when you were in Redley. This over thinking, investigating, suspicious girl is really iritating. Let people make the own decisions, be supportive and not intrusive. This drama around her dad is really annoying, I really hope the writers are going somewhere and not leave us hanging here. Spencer really was on the bad end this week, cause she wasn’t looking out for Toby’s emotios she was just looking for answeres.

Emily: Emily first of encountered Shouna, who came out of the closet as Ali’s childhood friend. Shouna warned the shocked Emil that the girls shouldn’t chase after Ali anymore. Shouna’s confession shuck up all emotions Emily tried to process the last 2 episodes. Shouna arranged a meeting with Ali, and it was really emotional. Spencer busted the meeting what made Ali run away and Emily blow out on Spencer. But Ali gave  Em’s some kind of a mission as she told her that “A” is the one to be caught so she could be set free.

Team “A”: Besides Ezra lashing out, messing with Jake’s foot and someone burning Shouna’s picture with Ali (marking her as the next one to go) we didn’t got anything.

As the review title says, Slow is the new black and PLL keeps on trending it. I hope Jake comes bakc and we got some action in the weeks to come, I have no time to wait for the final to see some action.


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